Mega-MLM: Time Sensitive Update

Hey guys, I’m taking the blog today to alert you about an important resource because there’s a time-sensitive offer you should know about…

By now you should have heard about the Mega-MLM event I conducted in Las Vegas.  We had a “who’s who” of top producers, company owners & executives, and upcoming leaders in attendance.  More than 30 companies represented and people from all over the world.

Without a doubt, it had to be the most intense, lucrative, and powerful generic training ever conducted in our profession.  I mean high-level stuff…

  • What the leadership model in our biz really is;
  • The six components you need in your system for real duplication;
  • How to deploy your leaders;
  • Creating synergy with multiple lines;
  • The 8 dynamics affecting the mindset of your prospects;
  • The difference between hope and belief and how to create both;
  • Making sure you’re not one of the 16 personality types in the “Hall of Shame”:
  • The 7 skills sets to teach your team;
  • How to achieve real financial mastery and keep what you earn;
  • The ten most important areas you must create culture;
  • How to know who your real leaders are; and,
  • The four levels of team leadership.  (Not the silly theories you read in those leadership books by consultants.)

Ask anyone that was there and they’ll tell you they’ve never experienced anything like it.  Really.  And if you wanted to be there but couldn’t be – this is your chance!

We’re about to release the Home Study Version of the course, just as it was recorded at the live event.  You’ll get the same handouts and experience every session.

Now here’s the urgent part…

The live attendees paid $1,500.00 plus airfare, hotel, meals, and other expenses.  And they certainly felt it was worth a hundred times what they invested, because of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in income the information can produce for them. Now you can get the Home Study Program for a fraction of what they paid.  And if you act fast – like NOW – you can save even more, by ordering it at the pre-publication price.  Grab all the details here:

– RG

P. S.  Warning! Your first inclination is going to be to devour this information and then train it all to your team. Don’t. This information is not for everyone.   It is really meant only for company executives and the top pin ranks in the field. If you try and teach this to everyone, their head will blow up!  Use some discernment with this training. Recommend it only to the people that have demonstrated leadership potential and exhibited the discipline and character to act on it.

4 thoughts on “Mega-MLM: Time Sensitive Update

  1. I was at this event and I can attest that it definitely worth much, much more than we paid. Thank you Randy for all the in depth training we received that will help us explode our business this year!

  2. Hello Randy: I wasn’t able to go to the event but afterwards I asked Kathy Paauw – a top income producer in SOC – about it and she had nothing but praise for it. She suggested I invest in the audio when it becomes available. Having seen you at MM5, listening to some of your CD’s and reading your books, I’m sure the content is amazing.

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