The Season to Sow

In half of the world, spring is upon us.  And regardless of the climate where you live, this is a wonderful season to start to sow seeds. The year is almost a quarter over, it’s a time of reflection and people are thinking about growth.  A big part of your income for this year – and next – is going to be determined by how active you are during this season.

It’s a wonderful time to make a conscious choice to get out of balance for a while, create some serious traction and momentum, so you can reap the fruits of what you sow next season and beyond.

That may mean giving up a bowling night, softball league, television show or some other choice.  It’s about giving up something you want now, for something better you really want later.

You up for that?  Really?

If so, make a declaration below to the world!  Then send a link to your sponsor, your team and your workout partner, and ask them to help keep you on track.


31 thoughts on “The Season to Sow

  1. I claim my victory in the world of Network Marketing!

    I am an Executive in my company! By 12/31/11 that is. I’ll see you at Mastermind Event 7 in Houston Randy. By year’s end…will personally sponsor at least 20 distributors and help at least 5 become Sr Managers this year!

    Personal Development for life!!!

    Nam (@Only398 – Twitter)

  2. Interesting…received the Prosperity Manifestation Map in the mail today. This is going to be fun! Thanks for the glue, marker and scissors…how thoughtful! And the recommended websites and magazines too!!!

    Freedom here I come!

  3. I will single-mindedly do what it takes to bring myself, my team, my market & my company to another level! And i will do it relentlessly until it’s done! This link will be sent to my team. xoxo

    1. Got your message. Echoing to everyone in the team. We are successful because we are focused & committed. And that takes doing things few people are willing to pay for it bcoz of the price for top level achievement.

  4. I am a Pearl Achiever in my Network Marketing company.

    Randy – A Big thanx to you and for all your training material . It is worh 100 times more value what I paid . Drop outs in my team have got significantly reduced by creating a duplicable system as per your guidance .

    If it was not for you , I would have called it Quits – long ago in my current program.Your trainings have reduced years of learning curve for me in weeks and months.

    And your daily dose on and on your prosperity blog gives my entire team a daily motivation unparallel of . Me and my wife have stopped watching TV for past 6 months and have got addicted to your prosperity TV and your daily updates . Life has become so much more meaningful for us !!

    As a surrogate sponsor of mine , I promise to you that I will personally sponsor at least 100 people in my current program and will not stop til the time I find / develop 3-5 leaders – who will remain committed to this business ,come what may …like me 🙂 and then I do wish to meet you in person in any of your matermind events soon …

    Love n Best of the Rgds

  5. For the next 9 months my business is going to occupy my whole life. I expect to reap a rich reward for all the seed I am sowing. For all the people who I expose to my business who say no I will have made a good impression enough for the next prospector to get a yes.
    I declare that every person I meet is not hard ground but fertile and ready to recieve what I have.

  6. Great post to kick off the 2nd quarter of 2011.

    You are definitely accurate when it comes to keeping your focus on the “Big Picture” as far as your business goes even if you have to ask your family to make the short term sacrifice.

    At the end of the day they will realize all that you’re doing is to make life better for them.

    My goal for the next 9 months of this year is to find 3 to 6 solid leaders that I can partner with to take my biz to the next level.

    Much Love and Continued Success,


  7. I have a bad time since the beginning of the year. Jan worked well for me and i had just joined the business. Feb was rough, the person who sponsored me gave me your book I read it it was very inspirational but I see he does not follow some of the principles. I am now struggling, I find it hard to start home meetings yet they very important.

    I have recruited people but they are quiting the business, I am just stuck, dont know what to do. My sponsor is like he has just left me alone, may be I am not meeting his expectations. I can’t travel as he wishes. I have told him that we need to meet but I see as if he is not intrested. I need help.

    1. Not everyone you recruit will see what you see – so some will quit

      If your sponsor is not giving you support – contact your upline above them. If you do not know who that is I’m sure your company can have them contact you. Not all sponsors consider themselves responsible after recruiting which I’m sure does not describe you.

      Network Marketing can give anyone what they want in life – took me a while to realize that not everyone will do what it takes.

      C U @ the TOP

  8. Yo Gabriel Hector Suárez. Declaro que dejaré de realizar tareas de improductivas y que me hagan perder tiempo valioso, para dedicar mi tiempo a una tarea productiva para mi futuro y el de mi familia. Quiero que mi negocio de mercadeo en red sea exitoso. Me comprometo a trabajar, codo a codo, con aquellos miembros de mi equipo que estén dispuestos a trabajar y tomar este compromiso con seriedad.

    I Gabriel Hector Suarez. I declare that I will not do tasks that make me unproductive and lose valuable time to devote my time to some productive work for my future and my family. I want a successfull network marketing business. I pledge to work closely with those members of my team who are willing to work and take this commitment seriously.

  9. Since the first day i started reading your quotes,i was finally achieving my goal of doing one to one with five people per took me only month to be come successful..and now am sure my downliners will be the best leaders in their coming generations.. Thank you very much for your inspirational books you continue introducing.. Wish you all the best.

  10. I am committed to my prosperity and I am willing to give up time with my daughter to be able to be with her full time very soon.
    I will achieve a rank advancement and president club by the end of the month.
    Thank you Randy for your daily motivational and pushing blogs!!!

  11. Thank you for this challenge. I registered in my organisation in 2007 and relaxed giving all excuses(lame) till september 2010 when I realised what I was missing, growth. My sponsor never gave up on me, I thank him. Joining this programme has helped me grow and have started getting a bit of income.
    I will not waste time doubting my abilities and need to approach more people to develop bigger and sustainable network. More hours in presentations and self development are what I need. Resources to buy your tools and more products I will sacrifice.
    Will appreciate if you post more material.
    Regards, Merab

  12. It is now 3oth June 2011 and I have achieved manager level in my networking business. I am so looking forward to being recognised on stage on July success day and managers retreat in September. Orla

  13. I commit to contacting 10 people per day to get 4 appointments every day for this “sowing season” and beyond!

  14. Hey Randy,
    Thank you for your encouragement to do serious traction and momentum to the world.The real time is every time.

  15. I will give my business the push it deserves, get out of balance for the next four months, and achieve Emerald Manager status within this period. And God will be my help. Amen

  16. On January 24, 2011, upon meditating one morning, I had a divine revelation to quit everything in my life except the one business that I was passionate about. I called my business partners and told them the news. One was delighted, the other disappointed.
    Since that time, I have deleted meaningless tasks that interfere with my progress and focus fully on the business aspects to move to a higher level. My business partner and I check in daily with each other and I intend to stay focused. For the first time in my life, I awaken each morning refreshed, excited, and ready to get to work!

  17. Great!

    I commit to contact 10 people a day. I believe I can reap the fruits of my labor later. Next year, I will have a strong organization with at least five committed leaders.

    I’m eager to be a participant in your Mastermind Events in the future together with my active downlines.

  18. OK, R.G., I have to agree with you tis the season to sow the seeds of my
    business. To sow is to reap, and learning how to do it right means to
    ask how to questions from those who know and then we
    listen, then we do, and then we sow.


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