Selling the Dream to Your Team

So last post we looked at the importance of dream-building in the recruiting process.  But what about with your team member training?  Are we just doing rah-rah stuff at the expense of nuts and bolts content?

Here’s my take on this…

I don’t think any of us do enough dream-building in either the recruiting or training arenas.  The power of the dream is what drives all progress, all innovation, all breakthroughs.

BTW, the best book I know in the biz for selling the dream is Jordan Adler’s Beach Money. Make sure you’re running that one through your team.

Here’s a question to ponder…

If you put 50 people on a task and give them lots of skills training, but they have no dream, how far will they go?

Now if we put those same 50 people on a task – and they all have a powerful dream driving them – do you think they’ll figure it out?


11 thoughts on “Selling the Dream to Your Team

  1. Greetings Randy,

    You bring up the core of what it means.

    Here is my summation.

    You can know ALL the steps, you can Know HOW to do ALL the steps but if:

    YOU DON”T KNOW WHY YOUR DOING THEM it will not drive you through the rain, snow, sleet, mud and whatever else tries to get in your way.

    If you want to become successful in ANYTHING and certainly in the industry of network marketing………


    That’s my story and I AM STICKING TO IT!

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  2. Dream building feels cliche unless we understand the key componets to allow for that to foster in and thru the team. So often when we have production qoutas all you hear is numbers numbers numbers push push push… How do we get past that and get back too the dream

  3. Hey Randy,
    When we have not dreams and visions to make them become to reality,
    all we do in life is meaningless

    “Goals are dream with deadlines” . Kathy Lutz

  4. I just finished reading ‘Beach Money’ by Jordan Adler and you are exactly right Randy, it is a very insightful, inspirational book and gets you back to the dream building aspect of this business. Great comments everyone!

  5. Dreams, I don’t have no stink-in dreams. You are so right that millions of people do not dream provocatively. They may dream about dreaming but that is where it stops.

    I feel that I do not take the time to really build a relationship when prospecting someone. Find out if they have dreams and what they are doing to reach them. They will give you all you need in talking with them.

    As for Jordan’s book, I have read it twice and share it often. It is a very easy and enjoyable read.

    I’m looking forward to reading your latest book.

    All the best to you R.G.

  6. Dear Randy.

    I am actually not quallified to answer the questions, as I have not done that much, and have been trying to figure out how to do this network marketing business.

    But it is the dream that have kept me alive in this. I’ve been working a lot on mindset, dreamboard, building up a network, and made a lot of other changes in my life. Your book “prosperity mind” is doing a lot of good for me. I’ve tried out the meditation method you describe, and it’s worked wonders!

    When I get teammembers I’ll definately make them build a powerful dream. Without that I think the fewest will make it. Ofcause you have to learn how to build the business too, and that is very good described in our materials, it’s just duplicating the proces.

    I’ll get the book you recommended in this post. I love my books 🙂 could not live without them.

    The dream is the purpose – why you are doing it – I do not believe anything without a purpose will continue to exist.


  7. Hello: Randy
    The power of a dream can make you wealth.
    Your dream is your vision to success. What ever it takes.
    Marketers have visions of success. But dream them away.
    You must take action for your dream to come true.
    I did and built two membership sites.
    Never quit and never give up to you see the end of your
    dream come true.
    Thank You
    Jersey Jim Kelly

  8. Hello Randy

    what a quality post! Marvellous…and at the right time.

    One of my top 1st line distributor is questioning whether he should keep building this biz or put the extra time in his current biz, which is a biz that requires his presence but where he earns good money.

    This guy first came into the biz because he wanted “beach money”, true lifestyle. I guess it is my role as his sponsor to remind him why he started this biz.

    @ Steven: loved when he writes “dream provocatively”. Never thought of that before. Well done mate, I will “steal” your line and make it mine. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Hi Randy,
    I thought I do not have much faith in big dreaming but I now realise that all the goals I have made are indeed dreams with deadlines. I need to dream,forcus and reach my targets. I will pass it on to my teammates and discuss it further. Thank you.

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