The Power of a Dream

Logic will get you to the next level.  Skills will take you far.

But it is your dream that will take you to the level you really want to find.


10 thoughts on “The Power of a Dream

  1. That is so true, Randy. When you realize that what you achieve in this business has everything to do with your dreams, you start to dream big. I’m back from a prosperous trip to Nice and Monaco. Have you seen the boats in the bay of Monaco? I thought a 92 feet yacht was big until I saw it parking alongside the really BIG yachts:) It looked like one of the rescueboats onboard:) This was sincerely a dreambuilding oasis. Thanks Randy for all your good advice.

    Best regards

  2. Thanks Randy! I think my dream is what keeps me in th Biz! Sometimes logis get in the may way, but I keep my dream in my mind!

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