The Power of the Platform

Today’s post is not for everyone.  But if you’re a leader or want to become one, let’s talk about presenting.

It’s an old cliché in our biz that, “the person with the marker makes the most money.”  Updated for today, we’d probably say the person with the PowerPoint makes the most money.

Because while you don’t need to be a great speaker when you begin the business, by the time you reach the top ranks, you do.  Your team needs to see you on the platform to develop confidence in you as their leader.

You need to be able to deliver compelling opportunity presentations.  (Even if they’re done on webcasts, conference calls, or other mediums.)  And you need to be able to deliver training in ways to engage the audience and help they learn.  (And again, even if they’re done on webcasts, conference calls, or other mediums.)

So I’m taking a detour today to tell you about the annual convention of the National Speakers Association.  It’s called Influence ’11. I’m actually the conference chair this year and I’ve put together the most powerful program they’ve ever had.  The keynotes, Master Classes, breakout sessions and special events are going to be beyond amazing.   You have a chance to see, model, learn from, and interact with some of the best platform professionals in the world.

Now here’s why I say today’s post isn’t for everyone…

The convention is not made for network marketers.  It’s for speakers, authors, coaches, trainers and consultants.  It’s not cheap.  It’s a four-day event and you’ll need to travel to California.  So if you’re just starting out in the business and you don’t have much money to invest in your business, don’t go to this.  Save your money for Art Jonak’s Mastermind event.  (Which I’ll tell you about as we get closer.)

But if you’re a leader, and can invest some money is your business and skills development, here’s why you should go:

  • You’ll learn how to be better on the platform;
  • You’ll become a more effective trainer;
  • You’ll see some great speakers you may want to hire for your own conventions;
  • Explore new ways to use technology for communicating with your team;
  • Discover how to be more effective in social media;
  • Learn about authoring books, creating CDs, DVDs, etc; and,
  • You’ll have a chance to network and meet some amazing people, who are naturals to be successful in our business.

So if you want to go, get all the details at:

I’ll be there, hope to see many of you!


5 thoughts on “The Power of the Platform

  1. I can personally attest that the Mastermind Event Randy refers to is well worth the trip to Houston. If you’re a network marketer you don’t want to miss it. JL

  2. Hey Randy.

    Ithink that the person who is the great speaker makes the most money.The leaders know how to speak with o without presentation,to inspire and motivate people.
    Enjoy your event.

  3. We start grooming & coaching our team members early on by getting them to share 1 or 2 minutes on our conf calls, getting them up at team gatherings, giving them training roles as they have success, giving them hosting & taking introductions on conf calls. We encourage them to start doing their own webinars even if it’s for 1 prospect, then in all these cases we coach them where needed.

    The first night I got on the platform was a big step to what continues to be a fantastic career!

    I’m sure the NSA event will be amazing!

  4. Dear Mr. Conference Chair, Enjoy and have fun. We will also be at Toastmasters International District 80. 2011 Annual Convention 27 – 29 May 2011 and the theme is MAGIC on the PADANG ie wide open field facing the courts.

    Thanks vm

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