Driving the Miles First

Want to be the leader of a large team?  Want to create solid growth in your network.  Be the first one to drive the miles.

Because that’s how organizations grow.  It starts with someone with a dream.  Then you attract others who also have a dream.  Then it starts to spread.  And you need to taproot down the lines.  And this means you’re driving two, three or four hours away, helping new people with home presentations.  It may mean driving eight or ten hours once a month to work with a long distance line or attend a function.

But you can always tell who the leader in any given market is.  It’s the person who was the first to drive the miles.

Now probably more than a few of you are thinking this doesn’t apply to you, because you think you’re going to do it all online.  Sorry.  That dog don’t hunt.

You want to be the one that creates the big growth in your area?  Be the first to drive the miles.


20 thoughts on “Driving the Miles First

  1. Oh Randy how you love to shake this stick. I declare that I have officially given up debating this with you cause you’re completely inflexible so there is little point!

  2. Randy:

    I thought debating was about sharing ideas back by facts,logic,and reasoning. There are people that make more money than you or have bigger organizations in NW.
    I know this is a blog-a daily dairy in the web not a research based journal.
    Opinions and Beliefs are fined. For example, Most humans believed the Earth was flat and the sun rotated around the Earth before Galileo proved it wrong. Europeans and Europeans-descedants believe that Christopher Columbus discover America,but they were already people in America;Aztec,Mayans and Incans. So, it is just an ethocentric view. It doesn’t change reality.
    Another belief:”I am somebody because I know how to make money.”

    1. I just received my Forbes magazine-hardly a socialist publication-predicting that Facebook will created 6 BILLIONARIES when it goes public next year.

  3. I’ve been a manufacturer’s representative for 30 years covering a large territory so I can agree with you on driving to get business. Your comment rings true. The Internet is a tool and driving wherever is a tool. We all need to utilize as many tools as we can and not depend on any one to reach success.

  4. Couldn’t agrees more. I’ve seen it first hand. The leaders are the ones who drive or fly the mile. Technology is awesome: I use it a lot, but it doesn’t have quite the same synergy. Nor does it demonstrate commitment and it doesn’t show those new people how much they are valued. At least not as much as traveling the miles, being there in person and looking into their eyes.
    Just sayin’.

  5. excellent (but painful) post Randy!

    I was “born” as an online marketer, so I keep using the internet a lot in my network marketing biz, but only for some of the leadgen part of my biz.

    for long time i believed i could have done everything in my bunny slippers, but since i bought your books, dvds and listened to your MP3s, I have started to understand more this biz model and now my org volume is growing fast.

    I recently qualified for a beautiful vacation in Sardinia thanks to it (leaving in 10 days).

    Keep ranting mister gage!

  6. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do . . .

    It’s all about the relationships . . . and, the money.

    If you can make great relationships on-line, that’s great. For me it’s the eye-to-eye and hug that seals the deal. When we can do that on-line the p..n industry will take off – until then, it’s in person.

    We live north east of Spokane in the country near the Idaho border – really next to nowhere (and like it that way). 4 times a year we pack up the event gear and travel to Seattle (700 mile RT) to work with local leaders and produce a terrific event. Same thing for Spokane / Coeur d’Alene, ID.

    After 15 years of full-time networking we know many other high earners. However, I don’t know anyone that has made it big without traveling.

    So, while I hate being ‘groped’, I LOVE traveling!

  7. Agreed Randy.

    In my company, there is only 1 guy who hit a super high level of the company doing everything online basing his DMO on online mail order. I am talking about a person making $100,000+ a month. He has an online training system, and this is what he does:

    – recruiting: he provides recruiting leads to his team ($5 each for call me back leads, $100 for leads that have bought an info package)
    – retailing: done offline (anybody in my company can get 10-15 customers locally offline

    Hi downline tends to be white collar people with computer and telephone skills, so a pretty niche audience.

    He works the US and Canada markets (so his system is not duplicable in EU, where regulations are much stricter). This system frontloads lots of people, and i am sure my company is getting stricter and stricter in allowing it.

    This is the only example I know of a very talented distributor in my company who built a “nearly 100% online system” to build his royalty check.

    On the contrary, I know many many other top distributors in my company (of the same level as this guy), who instead follow your principles.

    So, as I think I am not as talented as this online guy, I will go the Gage way (but with an extra hint of online, I must admit…)


  8. Yep. I’ve been watching the online growth of network marketing for more than 15 years. So much enthusiasm and hope — and so few people really standing out as successful.

    Here’s the irony: in the early days, a few people made big money because they stood out in the online environment. Everyone else was trying to catch people’s attention offline, where it was suffocatingly overcrowded. Now the situation has been reversed… it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed online, but offline is getting easier because the crowds are now chasing their tails online.

    And so the pendulum swings…

  9. The key to networking is the relationships being built so of course I agree that face-to-face will always be a more sustainable and long-term way to build a network marketing opportunity.

    At the same time I think it’s wrong to discount the opportunity that there is online to connect to new markets, new contacts and allow those that don’t want to travel an opportunity to build a business online just the same.

  10. Hey Randy,

    A real leader can motivate the people follow him in a new path to make acommon idea to become to the reality.Agood leader can influence to the long distance,by the internet, or any othe convencional media for communication.

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