Feel the Burn

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed on my team it’s this:  They’re frustrated that they’re not growing and duplicating faster.  And you know what I notice about my top leaders?

They’re the most frustrated, and the most impatient to be growing faster.  The only person I’ve ever met that is more frustrated about their slow growth is me.

And that is good.

Because the day you’re satisfied, the day you think you’ve got it sussed, is the day you start sliding backwards.

You know that burn you feel because you’re not moving fast enough?  Celebrate it, feed it, nurture it.  Because that is what takes you where you really want to go.


15 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

  1. I often find inspiration in the analogies of fire…especially having a fire in the belly. My all time favorite: Light yourself on fire and people will gather to watch you burn! and then there is the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire.
    Ahh, the warmth of fire to get you moving in the morning!

  2. Randy: Wonderful message to send out. Simple, yet powerful. Hope all the frustrated network marketers get to read it and realize they are on the road to greatness.

  3. Hey Randy,

    In the life there are circulations of the ups and downs, sometime prosperity, and sometimes stagnation.As you said in your video, winners play hurt,the have challenges, a strong “why” and they continues to overcome any obstacles in there way.

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