Starting Your New People Right

For years now I’ve been saying the same thing:  You make or break your new team members in the first two weeks.  And the first 48 hours is critical.

There are two big issues that come into play here…

Number one is overcoming inertia.  Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.  Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.  It’s vital to get your new people into action immediately: making their candidate list, their first invitations and getting prospects to presentations.

Number two is overcoming fear.  When a new team member isn’t moving, their imagination runs wild.  And because most people are infected with so many lack and limiting beliefs, they start to make up images of all the bad things that might happen to them.

They’ll start imagining the rejections they’re going to experience and if this happens over a couple weeks, the perception turns to reality in their mind.  They may attend some events, but they never invite anyone and will eventually drop out.

When you design your system, you must have some kind of structured “fast start” training.  Think of it as a new member orientation.  This should guide the new people through things like ordering their marketing materials, setting up their business, making their list, inviting, and scheduling their first presentations.  Don’t leave this to interpretation.  Have it written down, in a video, an audio, or all three.

If your team doesn’t have something like this, use my Fast Track Pack.   This is totally generic and will lead your people through getting into action fast.  I find doing this reduces your dropouts by almost 90 percent.

Make sure you have this covered, and then next post we’ll look at the other important thing to do with new team members right away.


13 thoughts on “Starting Your New People Right

    1. Hi,
      I suggest you don’t try to convince anyone, just work with them to put the building blocks into place one at a time. Little successes add up!


    2. You convince them by showing them. Stop trying to get them to do something and start doing something yourself. Be a leader and those who want what you offer will follow.

  1. Coudn´t agree more Randy! I say you have to stick to those new people in the first few weeks so you know what they are going through in the first few weeks, ready to step in and shift their perspective when “life” interferes!

    And they MUST have some sort of results or have taken some positive action in the first 48 hours, wether they have sold a product, or signed up someone or had their first training session, and prefereably are using and enjoying their produtcs. For this it is vital that there be some sort of program for the new poeple to address their dioubts, fears, and general lack of knowledge at the beginning. It is so easy to forget what its like when you first sing up, and begin to assume that everyone has the skills and confidence you have taken months and sometimes years to acquire.

    The worst thing is to sign up someone and forget them for a week. By theytime you get back to them they have been contaminated with so many negative reactions from family and friends, and without the proper guidance have already come to the descision, that this business isnt for them. I say…”Stick to them like glue in the first weeks, and then the momentum will keep them on track”

  2. If there is one rule in network marketing worth remembering, it is that your distributors will copy what you do. If you want someone to order product let them see you doing it. If you want someone to write a list, show them yours. If you want someone to make phone calls, you make the first one with them!

    Simple but effective!


  3. Yes, i agree… the first 48 hours are crucial, and the new member is going to repeat everything you do in these hours. So is up to you what you will teach to the new member.

    Thanks Randy for this useful information

  4. Hey Randy,
    The first two weeks are crucial .Everyone who decide learn
    how to swim,needs first of all, to jump to the sea,

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