Building the Dream

Last post we looked at the new member orientation you should immediately start all your people on when they join the business.  Here’s the other key thing…

Building their dream.

Because this business is hard.  Many of the people you will bring in have never been in business for themselves before.  They haven’t been required to do personal development.  They’re going to experience dropouts, no shows, and rejection.  If their dream is big enough, they’ll stay the course.  If it’s not, they’re gone.

There are two books I recommend for dream building:

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.  A timeless classic that is as powerful today as it was decades ago.  And Beach Money by Jordan Adler.  A newer book, but specific to our profession and it paints a vivid picture of the lifestyle Network Marketing can offer.  Get these in the hands of your new team members and your retention will go up dramatically.


15 thoughts on “Building the Dream

  1. Dream building can be a bit tricky & as professionals we need to approach it with tact. Personally being from South Africa I’ve found that most people are limited when it comes to their dreams. They have this ceiling that they can’t see beyond.
    But, I always welcome their dreams & acknowledge them, knowing that sometimes dream building can be a process of growing someone’s consciousness. Then I flip the coin on them by letting them in on my own dreams & how I keep expanding my dreams every time. This lets them know that they can expand their dreams & visions on a grand scale too.

    Am I on the right track with this Ntate (Mr.) Gage?

  2. Hi Randy,

    Yes, will get the books you recommended Yes, dream big but I had to break free from my circle of friends who are not interested or quite well off. So will be arranging to meet the cold market and they can be happy to see me as I have a story to tell. (Hope it will not be the lions’ den)

    Am now in my roaring sixties, the final phase of my life . I want to finish well

    Thank you vm

  3. Hey Randy,
    These two books which you recommended are good and there are many others
    good booka about MLM ,self development and self motivation.It is very impotent for everyone,especialy for these who want to be MLMer and future leaders of the
    organization,to read and study from such books.

    When your Why is so big, you will see the How .To build the dream we need to believe in our deam,in ourselves,and to vizualize our dream become true in the reality.

  4. Read Beach Money in my first 6 months in the business and it gave me a picture of where I was going….. I think its a good one to read at least once per year to remind you if where you are going…… I also believe that the author Jordan Adler gives all the proceeds from the sale of that book to carity. I could be mistaken but I do believe I read that somewhere.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations.
    It always fascinates me how people will pay a college to study for 3 years plus.
    In Network Marketing where you get paid while learning they bail out before they even reach the end of the first term.

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