The Inconvenience of Success

Boy is success inconvenient!  It takes work, interrupts your routine, and requires you to grow.

It means you have to sacrifice some things, and do other things you don’t always feel like doing.  And it never seems to happen on the schedule you have planned.

Success is inconvenient.  But it sure beats mediocrity!


21 thoughts on “The Inconvenience of Success

  1. Randy that’s so true. So many people will not be inconvenienced for success then they blame it on the opportunity of the company and not themselves.

    I know you know what it’s like to building internationally when you have to stay up all night but still be awake in the day to help your local team. We are launching in India and it takes a lot of time. That’s not for the average person. I tell my team to build internationally build it locally first and prospect will a purpose. If you want to build in India prospect Indian people in your town.

    Have a VERY Blessed weekend

  2. “Success is inconvenient. But it sure beats mediocrity!”

    LOVE it! and you’re so right, success doesn’t happen in our own time, it takes place in God’s time; provided we take action on a consistent basis.

    Thanks for sharing. Your posts rock!


  3. We each have their own in Costa Rica. Each Costa Rica has its own name, own colors and its own sounds.
    I know what it means to live in the “other side”.
    There are disadvantages- low self-esteem and modesty.
    There are pros –
    passion to live better and a lot of reasons that motivate to improve my life and myself.
    I am grateful to the universe of where I was and where I am.

  4. Ahhh, but what’s the alternative? Living with the uncertainty that comes with working for someone else? Trading time for dollars, wondering why the company owner has more freedom to do/have/be than you?

    Unless you choose to be a contemplative and live on low-hanging fruit, all the first quality stuff in life goes to the creators of value and the achievers.

    Thanks, Randy, for the nourishing food for thought!

  5. Well – It’s worth “the suffering” LOL If anything is inconvivient it’s not being successfull or mediocre. Not being successfull sucks out all energy and leaves you with no hope. Being successful may take a lot of work, but it also gives you back energy, I say it leaves you with more energy than you use, and it’s a lot more fun to play that game :)))

  6. Hey Randy

    Someone said “Success consists of three important element: Belief, Enthusiasm, Posture,
    – When you have all the three, than nothing stops you to get it.”

  7. Hi Randy,

    You are the best mentor in the world! I like the way you speak into our lives with hard truths, difficult to swallow but wakes me up and the end is very good.!


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