Will Trumps Skill

Hope you spent some time thinking about the last post about the lessons you can learn from Tadd and some of the dancers from the TV show.  Think about it…

How many times have you seen someone join Network Marketing and sponsor 15 people in a couple weeks?  They don’t have much training.  They can’t explain the comp plan yet.  They haven’t made any money yet.  They’ve just barely used the products or services.

But what do they have?

Passion. Intensity. Excitement.  And people like to follow people with passion, intensity and excitement.  That’s the lesson I hope you took.


5 thoughts on “Will Trumps Skill

  1. Hey Randy,

    When someone believe in himselfe,his way, his product and so on,othe people will believe and follow him.

    Someone said “Success consists of three important element: Belief, Enthusiasm, Posture,
    – When you have all the three, than nothing stops you to get it.

  2. Randy, For the first time in years I don’t agree wholeheartedly with this post.

    Sure those 3 qualities are important but without skills you’ll just look like a person with his hair on fire.

    All that energy has to be tempered with what to say and do. Without skills anyone will burn out.

    1. I’m all about skills. That’s the work I’ve been doing for more than 20 years. Just want to point out how passion and enthusiasm can tilt the odds in your favor.


  3. I love this post!! What is the difference between a 90 day wonder and a person that does nothing lol.. You got it the person did NOTHING!! You get what you put into this business. If you ask enough people to join then you will have people join you. I tell my team to go through their numbers but some will, some won’t so what next!!

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