Time for a Checkup

Yeesh, it’s August 18th already!  Before you know it, the month will be over.  So how are you doing on the goals you set for the month – and the year? 

Here’s an interesting scenario that happens a lot…

Someone looks over the month so far, and realizes that they didn’t accomplish much of what they set out to do.  So do they redouble their efforts, and work to catch up by the end of the month?

No.  They write it off.  They promise themselves that they will start fresh next month, because the kids are out of school, the kids are going back to school, everyone’s on vacation this month, family is visiting, and all sorts of other lame excuses.  Then they waste the next few weeks.  Or months.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Give yourself a break.  Do three things…

First, forgive yourself and start fresh.  Have your January 1st, today.

And secondly, get to work.  Schedule a meeting within the next 48 hours and start inviting people.  Get some long distance people on some online presentations.  Check in with your customer base and see how you can help them.  Get into action!

Oh and number three:  Pick the most feared person on your candidate list and call then now!  Just get it over with.  If they turn you down, it doesn’t matter.  You did your part and then you can cross it off your list.

You up for it?



11 thoughts on “Time for a Checkup

  1. Your advice is priceless and am implementing them (what is suiitable for me)

    Randy, this is irrelevant but I remembered you mentioned that if you have to choose a company now you will go for the character of the company or founders’. Suddenly Enron came to my mind so now I understand.

    Thanks vm

  2. Hey Randy,
    Here is my recommandation for a good book to read,
    for those that didn’t accomplish much of what they
    set out to do
    stephen covey’s” seven habits of highly effective people” review
    Review and summary of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People.
    To be successful, we don’t manage time – we manage ourselves

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