Leaving Some Oxygen

I just received my fourth ring this weekend for being the worldwide top income earner in my company.  I’m honored, but not stupid enough to think it’s an individual award.  In fact, no award may be more team oriented than this one. 

As I was planning my acceptance speech, I was trying to single out many of the top leaders on my team that made it all possible.  And here’s the really fascinating thing…

It was amazing how many of the people were ones that had had their sponsor quit.  And in many cases, they didn’t really step into their greatness until this happened.

Sometimes as leaders, we suck all of the oxygen out of the room.  Like helicopter parents, sometimes we need to back off a little.  Sometimes you have to let up some control and let people fail, in order for them to become great.

So how you doing on that?


16 thoughts on “Leaving Some Oxygen

  1. Hi, Randy

    Absolutely agree

    Your upline is very important on the beggining , but as soon that you can start walking by yorself is when your personal grow occur !


  2. Thank you for sharing that observation!

    Nothing like having the umbilical cord cut to foster some self-reliance and independent thinking.

    I think it was Jim Rohn who said something like, you can listen to many things, but the important thing is to make whatever you pick up your own.


  3. Hi Randy that’s very true when my upline did quit the biz, two months latter my team doubled and since then its been flourishing!
    Regarding the book its great thanks a heap!

  4. Dear Randy!

    I think it always needs to grow up again and again. If you outgrow your goals, you work for objectives relating to others.
    Meanwhile, find your new goals.

    The divorce into air: an extreme solution. The background contribution of a great solution.

    I need you … you.

    Thank you for sharing with us.


  5. Congratulations, Randy. You thoroughly deserve it – all 4!

    “Sometimes you have to let up some control and let people fail, in order for them to become great.” – Holey moley, where DO you come up with such gems? You know I’m definitely going to borrow this one – cos I can stay up all night and not come up with something half as good sounding. 🙂

  6. Congratulations – thank you for being so open and generous in sharing how you have done it. You are a great inspiration. Here in a very new market in Zimbabwe, we need the invaluable input you provide.

  7. Hey Randy
    A good leader does not need followers,’yesmaner’,but some qualified
    new leaders to collaborate, cooperate with him to get a common purpose.
    You are worthy of the fourth ring

  8. How right you are….in the mlm I’m in, I’ve just currently started a course on teaching us HOW to….but it’s not a course we can just read and learn, it’s an active participation one, where we have to take action on the things we learn. AND, it’s mostly what I already knew to do…so why didn’t I? Yeah, well now the screws are turning, and even though there are some in the company making $$$$$, those, like I have been, are just watching….and can say nothing because it’s the action that counts. I have in my possession the key to earning,
    and I can’t blame anyone but me…if I just watch and do nothing…I lose the ability to complain,,,so now I find out, its up to me…..
    Your posts always give me so much to think about Randy. The company I’m in, has the tools, has the learning, and will help if you ask for it, other than that, each is to grow on their own…according to their goals. They don’t get behind and push, pull, tug us to success…it’s up to me. Thanks!

  9. I think you have worked so where you are going. You are a best example, for the committed people. Just show the way to the future, as far! Thnx!

  10. You deserve them all, and all the rest in coming years – I have never met a more congruent, grateful, wise & loving leader that you are Mr Gage. And I’m honored to be in your team. Much much love.

  11. Dear Randy….

    This blog touches a very sensitive nerve for me. I was having issues and differences with my upline leader and sponsor…

    And I made the painful decision to stop working with him.. but continued to build the business without him…

    In the past 3 months.. my business has grown 60% !!! Today, I maintain a civil relationship with him…. and he also wins.

    So yes… we definitely need to leave oxygen for others…. and if we cant get it ourselves… have the courage to seek out our own…

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