The Power of Belief

I just arrived for a major event this weekend and have been planning my keynote for the last few weeks. The topic I decided upon is the awesome power of belief.

Pretty amazing what happens when you believe something…

If you believe the products are too expensive, they are.  If someone new comes in and believes they are a life-changing bargain, they are.

If you believe that people are skeptical and recruiting is hard, it is. If someone else joins and thinks it’s easy, it is.

So of course the real question is…

What do YOU believe? And does that belief serve you?


28 thoughts on “The Power of Belief

  1. Network Marketing Rocks! Recruiting is at an all time high…easy…people desperately need our opportunity and are flocking to MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales!



  2. Hi, Randy

    I believe you are a great coach
    I believe I have everythink for syccess

    and I believe that I will become absolutely wealthy with my biz



  3. If Product ABC costs $60 whereas another product of equivalent quality sells for $12, then Product ABC is expensive. You can believe all day long that is it not expensive – but the fact is, it IS expensive.

    People in general ARE skeptical and sponsoring IS difficult – irrespective of what you believe. Just try inviting 100 people to your meeting and see how many turn up.

    Your “belief” does not change the facts. A strong believe may help you to take action IN SPITE OF the facts, but it does not change the facts. And if the facts do not make business sense (eg. if your mlm products are in fact not value for money), then you taking action in spite of that fact is going to take you nowhere. Yes?

    1. Yes Jeffrey, if your product costs $60 but a product of the same value sells for $12, then you probably joined the wrong company. But is it really the same product, or does your have features, ingredients or results that make it a better value?

      And since you believe people are skeptical and sponsoring is difficult – you’re right. However…

      Since I believe people are looking for opportunities and sponsoring is relatively easy – I’m right too.

      I like my way better…


      1. Hey, just because you sponsored more than 150 ppl and was top income earner for 4 straight years, and you did it with utmost integrity and zero spamming and zero badgering, you think you can convince me that sponsoring is relatively easy? Ok, you can. 🙂 All the best for your keynote this weekend.

  4. Dear Jeffrey,
    The truth of the matter is that you are what you believe.
    Check the facts about the MLM Company and their products and everything else you need to know. When you find the facts, then believe. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BELIEVE YOUR DOUBTS AND DOUBT YOUR BELIEFS. That defines who Jeffrey Yong is.

    1. Hi Hannington,

      You are right – what one chooses to believe will define who that person is.

      But one’s belief does not define nor change the “facts”. Eg. it is a fact that the pavement is harder than my head. My believing it ain’t so DOES NOT change that fact. And if i jumped from the 30th floor, my head is going to give way to the pavement – irrespective of what i believe.

      In MLM, this is the statistics: Invite 100, 10 may show up, 4 may sign up, 1 may remain in the business. It is a statistical fact that sponsoring is hard, very hard – and your belief does not make it any easier. (unless of course you are Randy Gage 🙂

      But seriously… So, one’s belief does not define or change the “facts”. It may drive one to take action IN SPITE OF the facts, but it does not change the facts.

  5. I appreciate and I agree a lot Jeffery Yong’s post, thank you Jeffery.
    Just I want to say this because I know it from experience, good things, foods, clothes and ..;have a price and in fine cost much more less. That is my believe. Have a nice day.

  6. Using common sense to our actions, there is a percentage for when we make decisions … Everyone going to see what’s really looking for and listen to what he believes is best.,, After all these decisions are improving based … to errors because it is the only way forward … Thanks

  7. Hi Randy,

    Can’t wait to hear your keynote today.
    Did you know the word “believe” has the word “love” in it?
    In Dutch, to believe is “geloven.”
    To believe is to to put your love into something or someone.
    Knowing that love is all the greatest power…
    Pretty cool, no?

  8. Another wonderful thing about belief is that it is a choice. You can choose to believe or not to believe. Keep up the good work Gage!!!

  9. hello Randy, is it really possible to join your team as a nigerian leaving in Lagos? i like your style and disposition, i believe this really is a revolution and crave to be part of it, but there are these myths and misconceptions about these parts of the world that put false limits on us, how can you help overcome them? so we can immediately (not later) be part of this revolution

    1. Sorry but my company doesn’t operate in Nigeria anyway. But please let’s make sure to keep this a safe space and totally generic. So it’s important people don;t post requests to join groups here. Thanks all. -RG

  10. Hey Randy

    he power of the beliefe ,and the positive thouts are very great.Our thout create our reality,so ” Nurture your mind with Great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think” — Benjamin Disraeli

  11. Wayne Dyer wrote “You’ll See it WHEN You Believe it” and what you see is ALWAYS a function of your belief system. Someone was rude to you… belief system on automatic. You are in absolute control. The skeptics always say ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ Consequently they stay poor, upset and right. There is a level of belief required to make it work and it doesn’t take much either. ANY Doubt eliminates the power of belief. Uncover and remove all doubt to see what is really possible right in front of you.

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