Setting the Pace

Last post we talked about giving your people room to grow.  But another element of that is the example you set.  It’s not about doing things for them, but modeling the behavior you want them to learn.

You set the pace for your team…

By the number of prospects you bring to presentations, the number you enroll, the amount of customers you develop, volume you produce, and ranks you advance.

So what pace are you setting?


6 thoughts on “Setting the Pace

  1. Great Talk , Randy

    I see a lot of ‘menthors’ that teach opeople on somethimg they never dod
    There are some that even have never been in MLM …LOL


  2. Hey Randy,
    When you teach anyone “how to fish”, and not doing things for him,
    you teach him the way how to make his livig ,by himself for all his life.

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