Leading Your Team

“The single biggest challenge to any organization is the constant cloud of fear and doubt that swirls around the heads of the people involved.  As a leader, your job is to hold fast to the big picture, to keep seeing in your mind’s eye, with crystal clarity, where it is you’re going—that place that right at this moment exists only in your mind’s eye.   And to keep seeing that, even when nobody else does. 

“Especially when nobody else does.

“Your people count on you to do this.  It’s the biggest job you have.”

It’s Not About You, by Bob Burg and John David Mann



11 thoughts on “Leading Your Team

  1. Good Morning to you Mr. Gage. Randy Gage.lol.

    I’ve recently started applying a new recruiting strategy. It has absolutely done wonders for me. First it has helped me to pre-qualify a lot of people for my time & our profession. Second, it has helped me to plant a seed in many people’s heads about their lives in general.

    Here’s what I do:
    I let people know that I’m involved in the ‘Personal & Business Development Industry’ . “what I do is I work closely with people to discover where it is they want to go or what it is they’d like to achieve & I help them to get where they want to go in the most effective & efficient manner possible” – this is how I explain it to them. Then I offer Free consultation.

    Basically what I do when I meet up with them is ‘Dream Build’. They tell me what it is they want, I pour gasoline onto their dream then kadooof – they’re ready to get started. Mostly I find that the majority of the people I talk to do not have a idea how they’re going to achieve their dreams – that is, they lack the vehicle. For those; I simply offer my network marketing business, the experience, training & system that comes along with it.

    For those that know what it is they want to do they have their dreams reawakened & motive for action refuelled – good seed planted. Once I’ve helped these people then I know it’s only a matter of time until we get together again & they join me in my business.

    What are your thought on this Mr. Gage?

  2. Hey Randy,
    Really, It’s Not About You”, It’s about our team.
    The leader has the commitment , the responsibility,
    to lead his team in the wand to get success,to show
    them how to overcome obstacles.

  3. Fear and doubt are all around us. We are all swimming in the same contaminated ocean. The good news: in each moment we can choose courage and faith, because we are also part of a much higher intelligence. Once you know this, it’s really not that hard to do, one step at a time … than again and again.

  4. Great article Randy! I think many people sign up people in their business and leave them in the dust. Building a team and showing leadership will help motivate others. I will definitely share this with my followers. 🙂

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