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Last post we talked about the importance of being a student in this profession.  Now you have a chance to prove how serious you are about that. 

Once a year there is a special event in Texas.  The Network Marketing Mastermind Event is the premier generic training event for leaders and aspiring leaders in our profession.  It is flat out the most powerful, fun, and insightful learning program in MLM.  If you are serious about becoming successful in the business, you simply have to attend this event.  I’ll be conducting some sessions and will be joined by an All-Star cast of other faculty members.

And the VIP package is extraordinary…

This VIP option includes preferred seating at the event, a special premium pack, custom VIP nametags and a once-in-a-lifetime event on Thursday, the evening before the event.

You’ll join the other VIPs in the hotel lobby for an exclusive reception with the event faculty – a “who’s who” of the most successful leaders in Network Marketing.  You’ll then board stretch limos and be chauffeured to a secret location for a private dinner.  It’s your opportunity to fellowship, brainstorm, take photos, ask questions and just generally hang out with the faculty members, as well as some of the brightest minds in our profession.

Now even if you grab the VIP option, don’t miss the rest of the event.  It is three days of intense training on what it takes for you to become a high-income producer in the business.  You’ll learn how to meet more people, invite better, recruit stronger, and build a huge team.    And you’ll get advanced sessions on leadership development and duplication.

There are only a few VIP slots left, and not that many regular seats either.  Check out the site and see the faculty you’ll be able to learn from.  And there are a few more that haven’t even been announced yet!  I’m honored to work with such an illustrious group.  So please jump on this now.  Go to  and get all the details.





4 thoughts on “Mastermind Event

  1. This is an awesome event that completely altered my perceptions about the profession. There’s no doubt that if you are in MLM you need to be there. The VIP package is well worth the cost. It was at last year’s VIP dinner that I got to sit with Randy and learn what is possible in the profession of Network Marketing. I learned the difference between being a grinder and being a Rock Star. A vision for my business and my future in MLM unfolded before me. Most importantly you will be exposed to concepts to grow your business that you will not find anywhere else.

    I’ll see you there. Got my tickets last year.

  2. I attended this event last year and it was worth the trip. I got to have lunch with Donna Johnson, networked with a few of the presenters and had some good conversations with the others. There were several people in the audience that were as successful but attended to learn. The only downside is that you’ll be navigating through some big egos, but the information you’ll pick up can offset that.

    I don’t agree with the way the ticket prices continue to go up for those who need to wait to make sure they can attend. Advertise one price and stick to it!

    If you can afford it, consider going.

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