Overcoming Rejections

The single biggest fear for most people in Network Marketing is facing rejection.  There’s a good chance that’s true for you.

You probably have dozens and dozens of rejections still vivid in your mind.  Here’s the other thing that’s probably true for you…

Most of those rejections never actually happened in the real world.  I’m just saying…


12 thoughts on “Overcoming Rejections

  1. Oh how true how true….almost all of my “rejection” takes place in my mind, but I’m working on it by going out and doing it. But everyday I have to overcome the mind monsters. Thanks Randy for your belief in us.

  2. You are right rejections will eventually be positive yes.
    The trick is never to give up.
    What has helped me in life is contained in the book of Matthew 6:33, where we are told to seek first the Kingdom of God first and all the other things will be added to us.God bless you all.

  3. I was just watching HBO’s “Bobby Fischer against the World” and I was just thinking……

    Muhammad Ali is to Boxing, Bobby Fischer is to Chess and Randy Gage is to Network Marketing!

  4. One other trick is to not be attached to a prospect’s ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Just focus on connecting with as many people as possible & sharing your opportunity.

    Be committed to them responding to what you have to offer. Many people waste a lot of time chasing after prospects that just can’t make a decision.

  5. nice topic especially for the new people in business like me because I decided to start network marketing business but faced with problem of rejections from family, and friends. they do feel that am some how confused and saying that this business is not practical and its like pyramid theory.
    I am not sure how will i survive but will continue with it they will understand one day when i will be on top of the world

    thanks RG Nice post keep it up

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