Why You Pick Up the Phone

Thoreau talked of men living lives of quiet desperation.  Were he alive today he would probably have spoken of loud desperation. 

These are challenging times for millions of people.  The millions of jobs eliminated by technology.  The shrinking role of governments to take care of the less fortunate.  The serious challenges that charities are facing.  The uncertainty of planning for the future.

Yet it is these challenges that create the greatest opportunities.  It’s is this world situation that makes what you do more relevant – and important – than ever.

People desperately need the opportunity you can offer them, right here, right now.

They need your help.  They need you to pick up the phone and reach out to them.

That’s why you pick up the phone…


11 thoughts on “Why You Pick Up the Phone

  1. Well said Randy! With all the different tools we have had our disposal, none are as economical or user friendly as our phones. Too many people act like the phone weighs 800 pounds when it comes to talking to a prospect on it…yet it is the most convenient tool we have. Use it to set appointments, invite for dinner, renew old friendships, etc, etc,. If you don’t think it’s a useful tool…unplug the land line and leave the cell phone at home for two days. Wow, what a wakeup.

    Thanks for all your insights Randy!!!

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