Taking the Stage

One of the best strategies for duplication is using prospecting and presentation tools.  They could be generic such as my Check Out the Biz DVD, or ones created by your company specific to your compensation plan and product line. 

The reason these are so important is that they allow a new person to get building fast.  The truth is, it can take someone months to learn a board plan, whether it’s done in a home or hotel.   The right tools allow someone to join the business on Monday, and be enrolling by Tuesday or Wednesday.  That’s when you can get some serious momentum and traction.

But please don’t think that means you don’t have to learn how to present…

You do. At least eventually, if you want to advance to the higher ranks and leadership roles in the team.  And presenting is like writing:  The only way you get better at it is to do it.

You can reads books about it, watch presentations and study it other ways.  But ultimately to get great at it, you have to do it a lot.

Start with getting great at a 30 second testimonial.  Then maybe you’ll contribute ten or 15 minutes in a training presentation.  Finally you want to get to the stage where you can conduct an opportunity presentation for a large group and be compelling, inspirational and effective.

So where are you at on that?  Please share your thoughts below.  Then next post we’ll explore some of the things you can do to get better at it.


13 thoughts on “Taking the Stage

  1. Taking the stage is an inspiration to your team. It can give people drive as their internal voice says, “I can do that, too!” For many, it is a stretch out of their comfort zone and promotes a healthy dose of personal development. And it’s fun!

  2. When I was a contractor I could not build a house without the right tools. NWM is the same way I see so many people trying to do it them selves. The right tool makes all the difference. Especially when you are starting a new international market. We just launched in India and without good tools it would not work.

    A good prospecting CD will go a very long way at getting the new person started fast. Anyone can give out a CD a day.

    Love you content Randy.

  3. So true! I remember when I started, I was young- 23! And at that time we used cold calling and a script- I can honestly say those hours of dialing and dialing, getting hung up on, TRULY gave me such skill in presenting, communicating, and probably gave me the guts to get on video right away in 2007.

    The best message you can get from Randy- is you have to learn at some point, and the only way to learn, is by doing! 🙂

  4. Taking The Stage was a boost to the things that I planned to do. Yr blog is enlightening and of great functionality. Besides being motivational. It really made my day! Thank you so much.

  5. becoming a presenter on stage raises your credibility a thousand fold. while you may be nervous at first, practice makes perfect. I have seen people so nervous to get up and speak before a crowd that they turned whit with panic. Once they actually got up and did it a couple of times, you couldn’t get them off the stage. to become a leader, it is necessary and like anything else, once you practice, it’s easy. Just like anything else in life, practice and rehearsal , makes perfect.

  6. Hey andy,

    One of the best way to grab the prospect’s attention is by
    using presentation tools and videos tools.These tools are
    very effective fot teaching every duplicating system.

  7. Doing a presentation on stage is great when the person is ready. On my team we teach and stick with 2on1’s for the new person until they have a big enough team and have watched/participated enough of them to branch out on their own doing 2on1’s for their team. The onstage presentation is really reserved for those ready to do weekly trainings for their teams.
    But the same thing holds true – you have to get up there and do it .. be it a presentation or training.

  8. Tools are brilliant to help accelerate growth in your organisation but I agree that you need to make a commitment to be a better presenter.

    I have been teaching presentation skills for over 10 years now and I have seen sign up ratios go up considerably as people hone their ability to speak in front of a room.

    Thanks a million Randy.

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