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When to Say No

Sacrifice.  No one likes to talk about it when they recruit you.  But truth is, Network Marketing, like any endeavor worth doing, takes sacrifice. Continue reading “When to Say No”

Will Beats Skill

Yes you have to learn skills in Network Marketing to be successful.  But do you know that the road to success begins even before you learn those skills? Continue reading “Will Beats Skill”

Raising the Dead

Remember that Bruce Willis movie with the kid that whispered, I see dead people?  I bet you see dead people too.  In your organization. Continue reading “Raising the Dead”

What Comes After Hey?

Okay last post we looked at how simple it can be to meet people and expand your candidate list.  Steve asked a great question: Continue reading “What Comes After Hey?”


Last post we talked about how you can change your pin rank by changing your list.   The bigger and better your candidate list becomes, the bigger and better your pin rank becomes. Continue reading “Hey!”

Your Pin Level

Here’s a fascinating thing most people don’t know about Network Marketing:  The level of rank you will earn is pre-determined in advance, based on the quality of your list.  Continue reading “Your Pin Level”

The Role of Training

We’ve talked a lot in this space on the role of training to help guide your team.  And nowhere was this more apparent then the Mastermind Event 7 that just ended in Houston.  It was over the top, hands down the best one yet.  Continue reading “The Role of Training”

Modeling Leadership

Lead at all times.  Use words only when necessary. Continue reading “Modeling Leadership”

The Fantastic Four

I always loved comic books and superheroes.   And one of my favorite superhero groups was the Fantastic Four.  And when I think of success in Network Marketing, another fantastic four comes to mind: Continue reading “The Fantastic Four”

Food for Thought

We talk a lot about systems here.  And I’m actually in the air right now, flying to the Mastermind Event, where I’ll be doing a Master Class on duplication.  And a big part of that will be discussing how to build the right system. Continue reading “Food for Thought”

Have a Meeting!

If you want to get started FAST in the business, make a list – have a meeting.  Continue reading “Have a Meeting!”

Building Backwards

Let me share something I talked about on my Diamond team call this morning.  Building backwards. Continue reading “Building Backwards”

It is the Duplication, Stupid

I was counseling with one of my newer leaders and he said, “Looking at all the Diamonds, it’s obvious that they all sponsored their way to Diamond.”  Continue reading “It is the Duplication, Stupid”

Pay the Price

Here’s the very unsexy thing no one likes to talk about.  But I’ll tell you the truth: Continue reading “Pay the Price”

The Most Important Person in the Room

Watch the interaction at your next opportunity meeting or training event.  See who everyone thinks the most important person in the room is. Continue reading “The Most Important Person in the Room”