Will Beats Skill

Yes you have to learn skills in Network Marketing to be successful.  But do you know that the road to success begins even before you learn those skills?

Because the most important things when you start are passion, intensity, and urgency. 

There are people who have joined the business who don’t have their distributor kit and initial product order yet, and couldn’t explain the compensation plan if their life depended on it – and they sponsored ten people in the business.

They’ll learn the nuances of inviting later.  But to start, their invitations work anyway for two reasons:

1)   You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

2)   The wrong thing sounds like the right thing, when it’s said with passion, intensity and urgency.

If you haven’t read it yet, read Mach II with Your Hair on Fire by Richard Brooke.  In you have read it, read it again.

Show me passion intensity and urgency, and I can show you how to build a huge team, create true wealth, and help lots of people.  I can teach you how to meet people, work a candidate list, follow up and invite.  I can show you how to use tools for credibility and duplicate.  But I can’t teach you passion, intensity and urgency.

Passion is non-negotiable.  If you don’t have it, keep your day job until you discover it.

Intensity is non-negotiable.  If you want to be a tourist, go to Yellowstone.

Urgency is non-negotiable.  If you’re too cool to show people you’re all in, stay home and watch CSI.

Now if you’ve got passion, intensity and urgency – let’s rock!


17 thoughts on “Will Beats Skill

  1. Its a “stone cold fact” fact that you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.
    So the most economic thing is to find that right perosn quickly by asking them what they want to achieve. ie (have they got ambition and desire)

    Suprisingly most people have some sort of ambition but no plan! Thats where we come in, we have a plan. If they want something enough they will recognise this. So don’t sell the fact and figures of your business, sell the fact that you have a plan! Thats what they really want!

  2. So very well said Randy. Always an inspiration. As we launch in India I look at the way the new person is excited about the new opportunity and they don’t even have product yet, but they are building a very big team. They get product this week. Its all about belief. The more you believe in You, the industry and your product / opportunity. The more passion you will give to others.

    Rand Thanks for all you do. God Bless

  3. It is so amazing!! You always know exactly what i really need at a certain rmoment!!! THANK YOU, Randy! All your posts and videos are so inspiring!

  4. Hey Randy,

    “Where there’s a will there’s a way” When a person feels passion,
    intensity and urgency to do something, he will learn and know how to do it.

  5. I’ll take ignorance on fire over skill-set on ice any day of the week. I no longer pre-qualify as you never know who your next superstar is going to be. Mach II is a great book – have read it a few times. Fortunately, have gotten to know Richard Brooke a bit.

  6. Randy –
    Awesome post. So true – passion, intensity and urgency separate those that play with the business versus those who rock the business. It was an awesome reminder for me as Urgency is the key. When I am having success, I have it, when I am not, I should be watching CSI.

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    I’ve tried to receive support from the NMT team for almost 4 months now and I never received a single reply.

    Would you please help me?

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