When to Say No

Sacrifice.  No one likes to talk about it when they recruit you.  But truth is, Network Marketing, like any endeavor worth doing, takes sacrifice.

These days, I’m free.  I can schedule my life around pretty much anything, and live a dream life.  But it wasn’t always that way.  I missed some Sundays at church, dinners with friends, occasions with my family.  But here’s the difference…

When I was in the restaurant business, I missed a lot more!  Because when I was in that biz, I always worked nights and weekends.  And always worked holidays.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and other holidays I was working in those years.  But the correct answer is, “all of them.”

I’ve had team members miss major events because their child was having a one or two year birthday party.  Really?

You’re telling me a one-year-old knows what that party even is, let alone would matter to them if you held it on Saturday or the following Wednesday?

No I’m not saying sacrifice all your kids birthdays, piano recitals, soccer matches and your wedding anniversary.  But at the end of the day, it still goes back to sometimes giving up something good, to get something great.  And the feel-good, instant gratification choice is seldom the right one for the big picture.

Choose wisely.


25 thoughts on “When to Say No

    1. Yes, I agree here with Sean. This one is tough and you must answer to those you share living space with and, when the home is not a sanctuary, what else you got? Bettter to schedule everything in and do what you can to make both.

  1. Randy, I am so happy to be reminded of what you just wrote so that the focus is not forgotten

    Today, I listened to your CDs Duplication Nation again and again intermittently to allow your words of wisdom and guidance to sink in – It was so enjoyable and I laughed so much. I think teaching is a calling and you have that for sure.
    There is an impartation and that makes it noble. Thanks vm

  2. Better to be able to tell your kids, “I can afford to send you to college because I chose to sacrifice and miss a few of your birthday parties and dance recitals” then it is to tell them, “I sacrificed being able to pay for college because I thought it would mean more to you to be at all your birthday parties and dance recitals.”

    Apply some common sense here. Think long term. If your spouse challenges you on some of these decisions, discuss the options with them thoroughly. If the challenge continues, then it might be best to keep peace in the valley now and worry about the future consequences in the future.

  3. I concur. I have a bad habit of missing my company’s events – well I’m presently building my organisation from scratch. Duplication happens either way – for good or bad. If you were to skip an event once in a while, and skip a follow-up call once in a while, or skip a starter orientation once in a while – picture if that happens organization-wide. You’d be out of business before you know it. In the same vein, how many of us have been able to get a whole day off from work on account of a family celebration? I’m a doctor by training – I’ve never been able to do that. I had to walk out of the clinic to be a participant in my young kids’ upbringing – it was network marketing that gave me the guts to do that!

    Whilst we should be good parents – let’s try to put business in the proper perspective.

    Another trick I’ve learnt, is to make my organization part of all my family events, and encourage them to do the same to each other. Any birthday in my family is turned into a recruiting event/rally in disguise. The other day, one of my distributors got married and we were ALL there, and of course conducting our business – making contacts, building lists and training at the same time! On the flip side, I take my kids to all our major events – my kids already know how to share our products with their friends! I just love this business!!!

  4. We all have a choice in what we do. But it’s pointless doing less that what is necessary, to get you where you want to be. If you keep moving the goal posts you will never win the game. ie I want the business but I want it on my own terms!
    So choose wisely and keep the end game in sight!

  5. I agree with this one Randy. That seems like the toughest thing. The problem with running a network marketing business is that people give themselves too much excuses why they can’t make it happen versus reasons why they need to be successful. Agreeably though, it is tough thought missing my kids events. But a lifetime of freedom for your family is a good trade.

  6. Hey Randy.

    We have to make sacrifice always as long as we live.When we make a decisin
    and choose one from some alternatives . we have to give up all the rest alternatives.we can’t “Have a cake and eat it too”.

  7. Randy, you’re either not much of a family man or don’t have children. It’s not that the child will/will not remember. It’s that special moment in a parent’s life that can never be duplicated. My daughter’s ballet recital or attend a meeting – To me, it’s a no brainer. Daughter wins! There is plenty of time to build a network marketing business and – sorry – no event is that important. The best part about being self-employed is that we own our life. Having to go with the company event is not owning your life. You might as well be working in corporate america.

    1. Got to agree with Jack on this one. Jasmine and I have been married 47 years and no business comes between you and what matters most and that is a sound happy family. Having all the money and no family —well…..

  8. Not sure on this one Randy. I understand hardwork and sacrifices, but missing my kids birthday party or graduation would never happen for me.

    1. Hey,
      Thats why its called paying the price. You miss Manchester United playing Barcelona on tv so in future you can take your whole family to watch them live at Old Trafford, miss the kid’s birthday so that in future you can host her day on board a cruise liner!
      John Bigyemano

  9. Wow, Randy, I am not sure where to start! I felt compelled to write today. Way off base! Network Marketing is supposed to be a better way, not the same way. Yes, it takes intense focus to build an incredible organization, and yes, sacrifices must be made to do this.

    I know first hand as I have made enormous sacrifices as I have built a multi million dollar business from the the ground up, all the while missing the most important early days of my 3 son’s activities. I have now found a better way and I am applying that same formula so that I can acheive financial and time freedom through MLM. But, the attractive part of this business is that we are free to do it when we want and around those very important activities. And remember, what is important to me, may be last on your priority list and vice versa.

    Keep the blogs coming – they are great, but this one didn’t measure up for me.

  10. I agree. Sometimes emotional black mail tends to torment the sacrifice you’re willing to make. The celebration of a one year is meant for other people instead for the kid. Many at times we do things to please others.

  11. I don’t think that sacrifice is the right word. We all forego lesser value things for higher value things (Stephen Covey’s Habit 3 – First Things First). Yes commitments to others are important and need to be weighed against the greater goal. If others are open to negotiation then it can be a win-win outcome (the 4th Habit). And if you have developed a ‘family mission statement’ (Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind) you are most likely working in harmony with it.

    1. I agree. Your kid’s first birthday definitely is not an emergency occurrence! The way I understand this business, your freedom has a lot to with how well you manage your time!

  12. Very True i agree the fact that one year old wont understand its his birthday but its not just his birthday and for the child but every birthday would be an auspicious moment for parents as its one more year for their creation in this world and i guess that why we love and care for our kids and children .

  13. Well, well, well….This is pretty interesting. I have had numerous collisions with my wife over this matter, where as she somehow supports me in my MLM business, she still does not conceptualize the essence of sacrifice. I totally agree with Randy, to attain Financial Freedom, a bigger price must be paid. What sense does it make to attend one year kid birthday while broke. I would rather sacrifice now and achieve something of much higher value tomorrow. I DO TODAY WHAT OTHERS CANNOT DO, SO TOMORROW I CAN DO WHAT OTHERS CANNOT DO!!!!

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