Finding the Breakdown

Interesting in four different conversations with people this week they were asking about a breakdown in duplication.  One person has 95 percent of the people he brought in inactive.  Another has people still in, but they aren’t doing anything.  Two others have a bunch of professional meeting attenders, who come to everything, but never enroll anyone.

So what’s the breakdown?

The system.  It means the system isn’t fleshed out the way it needs to be.  Things like having a comprehensive “get started” training, a standardized presentation, and third party presentation tools.

It means an event structure is not in place, or the events aren’t teaching foundation skill sets effectively.  All these things are critical elements and simple to fix.  Not easy perhaps, but they are simple.

Please.  If you are experiencing those issues, you really need my Mega-MLM program.  That is the most intense, high-level generic training that has ever been conducted in Network Marketing.  It’s the actual un-edited recording of the live event attended by top leaders from all over the world.  If you don’t have duplication going on in your team, this is the resource to get.

Then set aside an entire weekend and go through the whole program uninterrupted.  Then you can go back and review segments as needed.  And get your key people enrolled in the process.

Get all the details here:

I promise it will make a huge difference for you.  Life is too short to play small.  Be epic.


8 thoughts on “Finding the Breakdown

  1. Hi Randy

    as a customer who purchased the mega MLM program and most of your other products, I must say that your work has helped me tremendously to understand how duplication really works in our business.

    The only part I disagree is the little focus you put on retailing the products: in my MLM, 70% of the people we recruit are satisfied customers, so I have designed a training system where I teach basic but effective retailing skills.

    That said, once I adapted your teachings to my own MLM, your work is second to none.

    Keep up the great work Randy!

  2. Here’s another breakdown: Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed.

  3. I have seen what you describe in my present organization, as well as in many previous attempts to build a duplicating downline so everyone gets what they want. One thing I’d like to see you address is the mechanism of breaking down the employee mentality, where we are trained to just show up and go through the motions to receive a check.

    That doesn’t work in our business, obviously, but our new partners are still programmed this way.

    My present corporate partner has all the training, presentations, and 3rd party tools, but the message is still not getting through that new recruits are entering into a contract where they *vow* to do their part to make the whole system work for their fellow distributors.

    MLM, in my view, is a new-fangled social support system but we need to rebuild those concepts of neighborly cooperation — giving help to others so that their efforts support our check — to make it work optimally.

    Does your course address this issue?

  4. I can definitively see where my organization need to tighten up the system. Is there a Jedi Mind Trick section or CD on how to get new recruits to follow the system laid out for them? I think that is the biggest challenge in setting someone up for success is to get them to check their ego at the door, and listen to what works and get them to follow it.

  5. I just want to say that I think it’s despicable for someone in your financial situation to charge $1000 for a training program. Your cost on each one of those can’t be more than $10, it is taking advantage of people and indicates a lack of integrity for someone who claims to be such a wealthy networker, to charge so much for am audio program.

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