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We talk a lot about systems here.  And I’m actually in the air right now, flying to the Mastermind Event, where I’ll be doing a Master Class on duplication.  And a big part of that will be discussing how to build the right system.

But here’s some intriguing food for thought…

Right now do you need to be focused on building the system – or letting the system build you?



13 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. If the system is in place, and it’s working, WORK it and don’t reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues, as they say!

    Most people go through the phase of thinking they can do it better. I sure did. But once I decided to drop my own ego and see what was working, and plug in there, everything changed!

    Have fun in Houston!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

    1. I was in a system where you have to go through hours of training to convince your “online purchased leads” to watch another “selling & convincing” video.

      I put my ego aside and played along.

      Then one of my uplines yelled at me because I wasn’t following HIS version of the system – he wanted me to tell the “puchased leads” upfront that this is “Internet MLM” (Whatever that means……?) first then convince them to watch “Brilliant Compensation”.

      I swallowed my ego so that I can be teachable…… I got to thank this Egoistic upline, I left the group and now am in the “focus to build the system” category.

  2. I think everyone should think about this – Almost everyone feels there has to be a better way, but as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Follow the system, follow the system, follow the system!!

  3. I was really looking forward to the event Randy and to meet you. However I had something come up and had to give my VIP tickets to Richard Mendez. Look for him and teach him a thing or two!!!! Have a great event!

  4. It’s much easier to let the system do the work. But Randy, what if one operates in a place where there’s no system. What would you suggest?

  5. What if there are 5 people who are very succesful in NM (let’s assume they each make ($100,000.00 per month), and they all have different systems:How does a “rookie”evaluates which one is the best for him,if the upline doesn’t have one.

  6. The system has to be set up so that you enjoy it! Much like any other business, assuming you don’t make a large blunder in how you get your leads, success mostly comes down to being persistent! With this in mind, there is no perfect system, just one that works best for you mixed with hard work and determination! Not sexy, but true!

  7. Hey Randy,

    It’s seems to me that the The Mastermind Event will be great and
    impessive, because all the big names in MLM are goung to be there.
    About the system we build a system which supposedto work for us.
    When any system is useless we change it to a useful one, and then
    duplicate the system.

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