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What Do You Think?

Okay the presentation is over and you’re sitting with your prospect.  What do you say? Continue reading “What Do You Think?”

Winning in the Vortex

I’m spending a few weeks at my apartment in Sydney.  So the calendar here is just about to rollover to December 15th.  And you know what that means? Continue reading “Winning in the Vortex”

Believing in Yourself

So they said he would never be a high school quarterback.  He was.  Said he could never do it in college.  He did.  Said he would never win a National championship.  He did.  Said he wouldn’t be drafted in the first round.  He was.  They said he could never win in the NFL.  But all he does is win ballgames.  Continue reading “Believing in Yourself”

Living Your Dream

As I was coming into the city from the Sydney airport, I spotted a 50-something lady working.  Her job: Waving a sign to promote a store, at the cars going by.  I told Alyson who was driving me, “That’s somebody you need to sponsor.” Continue reading “Living Your Dream”

Be Bold

Want people to follow you?  Be bold. Continue reading “Be Bold”

Getting Unstuck

From time to time, your business will plateau and get stuck at a certain level.  There are different reasons for this: economy, news cycles, holidays, activity levels, etc.  Continue reading “Getting Unstuck”

Be the Leader

I hope by now you’ve read my Special Report on Leadership.  Law number one states that first person you lead is yourself. Continue reading “Be the Leader”

The Power of Belief

Beliefs are a funny thing.  If you believe them, they’re true.  If you don’t believe them, they’re not.  Continue reading “The Power of Belief”

The Deal Culture

A few months ago a company contacted me.  They wanted to send a private jet to bring me to their corporate HQ.  They also let me know that they were willing to fly in some of my top leaders, give me a spot at the top of their structure, and provide deals for my people. Continue reading “The Deal Culture”

Exciting the Prospect

Let’s follow up from the last post about how when a prospect really wants something – they always find the money!  So how do you create that level of excitement in your prospects? Continue reading “Exciting the Prospect”

The Truth

A few days ago, I was meeting with some of my Diamonds from Argentina and Mexico.  They were lamenting the tough economies there and the challenges of new people investing in the business.  Continue reading “The Truth”

Face Down Fear

Lots of people ask me how to end fear.  Fear of prospecting, meeting people, making presentations, etc.  Forget it.  You don’t eliminate fear.  Continue reading “Face Down Fear”

Why You Go

Last post we talked about why you tell your story at events.  Now let’s look at another issue: Continue reading “Why You Go”

Why You Tell Your Story

A vital part of Network Marketing is events.  And a vital part of events is people telling their story.  These can build belief, develop confidence and get new team members over the line.

But only when they’re done right…

You have to always remember why you are telling your story.  It’s not your reward for a job well done.  That’s what your bonus check is for.  It’s not to recognize you.  That’s what the pin and recognition is for.

The only reason you are telling your story is to build belief for the people in the audience that they can do it too.  If you just beat your chest talking about all the cars, trips and money you have earned, you simply make the audience feel bad.

Sure you want to talk about and celebrate the rewards of the business.  But don’t forget to talk about the challenges, where you started from, and the path you had to take to create that success.  That’s when the audience will really connect with you and understand that they can do it too.

– RG



Finding the Breakdown

Interesting in four different conversations with people this week they were asking about a breakdown in duplication.  One person has 95 percent of the people he brought in inactive.  Another has people still in, but they aren’t doing anything.  Two others have a bunch of professional meeting attenders, who come to everything, but never enroll anyone. Continue reading “Finding the Breakdown”