Living Your Dream

As I was coming into the city from the Sydney airport, I spotted a 50-something lady working.  Her job: Waving a sign to promote a store, at the cars going by.  I told Alyson who was driving me, “That’s somebody you need to sponsor.”

I applaud that lady for doing what she has to do to earn a living.  But I have a hard time believing that’s her dream job.  She’s doing what she has to – to get by.  As I had to at one point, and you may still be doing.

Do what you have to.  But set aside at least ten hours a week to build your network marketing business.  Schedule it every week.  Religiously.  Not because you’re building your business…

Because you’re building your dream. 

Fulfilling that dream is what gives purpose to your life.  You never know when your time will be up.  But when it is – make sure you’re going out on a purpose, not a pension!

– RG

13 thoughts on “Living Your Dream

  1. Randy…great advice as usual…It’s too bad so many people give up on their dreams when it’s all a mindset as you have explained many times…my mantra has always been….”My desire to change My life…Plus…the action I am willing to take… equals…the amount of success I will enjoy.” If dreams become goals and goals become action…correct action will always produce correct results…blessings my friend and thanks for another golden nugget of thought…David Reid

  2. Wow! I can’t believe it!
    I just finished watching the video from the “Live Your Dreams” event in Sidney, Australia, and then I see this message in my inbox. If there are people nor seen this yet, do not hesitate! Go to and get it!
    Fabulous! Thank you, Randy!
    Meet you in Bulgaria!
    Bless ya!

  3. Hi Randy, thanks for such a wonderful inspirational motivating mesage this Monday morning. Love It and do have a super holiday in your second home ie. the beautiful city of Sydney.

  4. thank you sir once again……… was inspiring ….my dream is to live a life full of abundance ……… be famous worldwide…..hello!!!! everyone listening ..hello world r u listening……….please universe grant my wishes ……i want it BADLY…BADLY BADLY…………

  5. Hey Randy

    When someone give up his dreams,his life become meaningless.

    “The biggest adventure you can ever take
    Is to live the life of your dreams.”
    ~Oprah Winfrey~
    American Television Host, Media Mogul, & Philanthropist

  6. Bravo! Very well said!

    Too many start their Network Marketing business and treat it as a hobby, not even realizing that when they commit to a consistent schedule of building their business — they will realize their DREAMS!


  7. Putting aside time to build your MLM business is very important. There are a lot of people who join network marketing opportunities and never do anything. The story of the lady can work very well as a motivator to where people may end up in the future if they don’t star taking action now.

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