Believing in Yourself

So they said he would never be a high school quarterback.  He was.  Said he could never do it in college.  He did.  Said he would never win a National championship.  He did.  Said he wouldn’t be drafted in the first round.  He was.  They said he could never win in the NFL.  But all he does is win ballgames. 

Of course I’m talking about Tim Tebow.

So what’s the lesson in all this for you?  Do you have people that don’t believe in you?  Did people tell you network marketing couldn’t work?  Did you face rejection, ridicule or apathy?

Cool.  Now you’ve had your test.  Now get out and turn it into a testimony!


12 thoughts on “Believing in Yourself

  1. Yes, Tim Tebow is great, but I’d also like to acknowledge another great QB and good person; Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers….I’m a WI girl and he is focused, forging ahead, building his team and creating a legacy!!

  2. -RG,

    One more…And they say good guys finish last.

    Being a life long Broncos fan it’s great to see them doing so well with a guy that the pundits said couldn’t make it.

    One of many of Tim Tebow’s qualities is “Never Quit”.

    So go out there and be a good guy/gal and never quit.


  3. There are SO MANY leadership lessons with Tim Tebow. He won’t ask anyone on that team to do anything he’s not willing to do. He always makes sure the entire team gets credit for a win. Anytime a play doesn’t go well, he takes all the responsibility. He stays fired up no matter what. Whenever something doesn’t go right, he is immediately working with his coaches to find out how to improve. The list just goes on and on. In addition to how you said it, Randy.

    And to you, Randy, I would say “takes one to know one.” From what I’ve heard of your story, nobody gave you much of a chance at making it big. And just look at you now.

    Thanks for not listening to your critics.

  4. Such an inspiration to everyone! Tim’s most recent controversy of “taking a knee to give thanks to God” is the MOST important accomplishment that he can show others!! This is eternal!!!!

  5. My mom told me not to get my hopes up. At that time many years ago I said to my mom, “Mom, if I don’t get my hopes up now, what will I ever have to get my hopes up for later?” She said, “Well don’t let me say I told you so later”.

    Well, she never said I told you so. She joined 13 months later…..


  6. Greetings Randy,

    Excellent example of what to do when people tell you – You can’t do that, You won’t do that, That will never work etc.



    Be Blessed All,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

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