Winning in the Vortex

I’m spending a few weeks at my apartment in Sydney.  So the calendar here is just about to rollover to December 15th.  And you know what that means?

Your competitors are done.  They won’t be working for another two weeks at least.  Of they’ll show up for their day job, because they’d get fired if they didn’t.  But while they’ll look like they’re busy, they’ll really be playing Angry Birds or watching cat videos on YouTube.

And their Network Marketing business?  It ain’t happening…

They’ll say that working now is no use because no one is paying attention.  And they’ll be right of course.

But if YOU decide to keep building… 

You decide it’s important.  People will pay attention to you.

And you’ll grow twice as fast as normal, because most of your competitors are moving backwards.

Ain’t it great!


5 thoughts on “Winning in the Vortex

  1. Randy, in all my years in this industry, I have found December and the Christmas holidays incredible for one thing that everyone seems to go to sleep on: planting seeds. No time EVER is better than now to plant seeds. Everyone is thinking about making the next year better. Everyone wants to be healthier ‘next year’. Everyone is going to get out of debt next year. Everyone is going to go on ‘that holiday’ next year. However…they probably haven’t a clue HOW!

    So Mr Networker comes in and plants the seeds…on December 15, and 18, and 24 and everything in between…he just never stops. And sometime, somewhere one of those seeds sprouts, and a person ready to make it THEIR year emerges, all because someone decided they will work and win in the vortex of the Christmas holidays 🙂

  2. Hey Randy,

    Playing Angry Birds or watching cat videos on YouTube all the time,
    willn’t get to any achievement,istead of doing this we need to take action.
    When the action in MLM will be done,people will pay attention to it.
    “Nothing happens until something moves.” Einstein said

  3. Yes Randy, Everybody may think no one is listening, but you plant a seed now for later. Awesome advice . Sometimes we pay to much attn. to the weather and we put our vision on hold just becuase of a little HolidAy.

  4. Ah… do the do then play Angry Birds. You can do both if you’re disciplined enough.
    PS: What in the world is angry birds? lol

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