Be Bold

Want people to follow you?  Be bold.

Get out and take charge.  Pick up the phone and call people with confidence.  Stand tall when you meet with prospects.  Lead with confidence.

Even if you don’t feel it, do it anyway.  People love to follow people who are going somewhere.

And that’s you, baby!


22 thoughts on “Be Bold

  1. Ye-e-e-e-e-es-s-s-s-s-s it is me. HA !!! 3 people/ day time 30 = 90 people/ mo. 90 people times 12 mos. = 1080 prospect / year. WOW !!!

  2. Randy…thanks for the “gold nuggets” you so generously share. Your expertise, leadership, and experience you have shared with so many is greatly appreciated my some advice for you in return…have a joyous, blessed and very Merry Christmas!

  3. Great message! The key, in my view, is learning how to, discovering what and where, figuring out your own internal switch patterns and then generating enthusiasm as the first task of the day. I cannot fake enthusiasm without it being phony for me and for others. The real deal takes just a spark and sets off the fire to begin the day. When I do not focus on this single task, I stay stuck. Talking with confidence only happens for me when I generate my enthusiasm daily.

    Success is going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

  4. In reality is talk boldly. But how to exactly do it? if for example pick up the phone call prospect and as he is rejecting me begin with b.s. like “I have 9 flat and lands, you can´t imagine how much money I make I am not interesting in what you are doing”(especially when i konw he is lying)

  5. Im not sure if Im on track, and if I go astray, pls readers forgive me.
    Just a piece of advice, once we are commenting pls lets try to be informational. Lets share information, I think we want to get peoples ideas to take us up in our networking businesses. Some commentors just write their names, thats all? I think that is spamming us. Im sorry for being that blunt, but u guys lets share experiences. If u have nothing to say just put the glue on ur mouth. Randy I love your stuffs brother, U say things that u think they can push us in the sky, u dont just spur anything. Guys lets do the same. Can that you write help your team, then comment! One love for all u.

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