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Hey, just checking in.  It’s now February 6th, 7th for a lot of you.  How’d your January go?  Did you follow through on your resolutions?  What’s the first quarter looking like for you?

There’s still time…

You can still have a great quarter and a great year, even if January was less than spectacular.  But not if you let February slide away.

Want to make it hot?  Pick up the phone right now and call five prospects and invite them to something!

You in?


Follow Up

One of the most important steps in recruiting and sponsoring is follow up.  So when does that start? Continue reading “Follow Up”

Secret Message

If I spoke to you about the private, invitation-only event on platform skills for MLM, please know I have to close off the group this week when three more slots fill. Continue reading “Secret Message”

Training Right

Want to know what the biggest mistake I see companies make?  The people they hire to speak at their conventions… Continue reading “Training Right”

The Discipline of Self Discipline

Dilute your focus and you will also get a corresponding dilution of the results you achieve.  It’s easy to get consumed with busy work. Continue reading “The Discipline of Self Discipline”

Determination Not Destiny

There is no destiny in Network Marketing.  We have the only real “pure play,” in the sense you will earn exactly what you’re worth, based on the value you create. Continue reading “Determination Not Destiny”

Trading Prospects

This is part two of the questions from Kayla on MLM etiquette.  She asked about trading leads… Continue reading “Trading Prospects”

MLM Etiquette Part One

So Kayla asked a couple interesting questions you might find intriguing.  Let’s start today with the first one: Continue reading “MLM Etiquette Part One”

Are You Ready?

What an exciting time to be alive.  And what an exciting time to be in Network Marketing… Continue reading “Are You Ready?”

Starting Fresh for the New Year

Well here we are coming up on another of those human-created mind viruses:  The New Year.  Now of course sheep, dolphins, and caribou don’t pay much attention to this, for people, it’s kind of a big thing. Continue reading “Starting Fresh for the New Year”

Lots of People are Broke

So here’s what this week has looked like for me… Continue reading “Lots of People are Broke”

Have a Great 2012

January 2nd is one of the biggest days in network marketing every single year.  Everyone is about to set their New Year’s Resolutions and looking for new opportunities.  Continue reading “Have a Great 2012”

A Real Goal

The New Year is coming up fast.  And on December 31st, millions of people will make New Year’s resolutions, most of which will be forgotten by mid month.   Be different.  Continue reading “A Real Goal”

The Evils of Over Training

I’ve been a professional speaker for 20 years plus now.  Been training in our profession for more than 25.  Voted the #1 trainer more than a few times.  So listen when I tell you this… Continue reading “The Evils of Over Training”

What Matters Most…

So you don’t know a lot of people.  Don’t have connections.  Don’t come from the right side of the tracks.  Don’t have a lot of money or time, or both.  Don’t have the right education… Continue reading “What Matters Most…”