Trading Prospects

This is part two of the questions from Kayla on MLM etiquette.  She asked about trading leads…

“I also wanted to ask you about proper etiquette on asking people about leads that don’t qualify for their company. For example, if I talked to someone who was open to MLM but their true passion was home decorating, I would point them to a friend who is a rep for companies with this product line.  Or if their passion is make-up, I would direct them to someone in a cosmetic company.  Is it okay to ask my other MLM friends if they have leads that weren’t right for them, but may be right for my company?

“I personally wouldn’t be offended if they asked me.  To me that’s part of networking and helping each other out.  However, if it is not good MLM etiquette, I wouldn’t do it.”

Fair question.  I don’t think this comes up that often, because most people are approached to companies on the business opportunity (at least in my world), and they usually accept it or reject it on those merits.  But in answer to your question, I don ‘t have any problem with what you’re describing.

It doesn’t conflict with an accepted ethics or etiquette, and it is congruent with the principles of prosperity.  Professional respect and networking benefit us all.

This is definitely the kind of relationships that develop at the annual Mastermind Event that Art Jonak runs.  Unlike many of the pitch fests or other events that are used to surreptitiously recruit your people, this event is meticulous about keeping a safe, generic environment.  In fact, at the last one, Orjan Saele was telling the story of getting Peter, his top distributor, on a referral from me.  Peter was a friend of mine, he was looking for the right opportunity, and my company didn’t operate in Norway.  So I connected the two of them and great things happened.

When we operate out of prosperity consciousness instead of fear, everyone is the profession wins.


8 thoughts on “Trading Prospects

  1. Greetings Randy,

    It has long been my focus as I network to do just that. I have offered someone I came across or someone I knew to another person in another company and when appropriate others have done the same for me.

    Networking is just that, NETWORKING!

    I guess you could put it this way- if you know someone is looking for a car and you know they either have a certain need or desire and you are a salesperson for GM but you know they would not fit what you have to offer them and you knew someone that you trusted that sold Fords, you would give your person they should speak with _______, because you trust him/her and give your recommendation that if their going to buy a car they would do themselves well by dealing with ______.
    AS I see it it is a win win win for all parties.
    Your contact not only sees but experiences that you truly have his/her best interest in mind, your network connection also sees the same and so on.

    When we really are in this world to help others in as many aspects as we can, we bring up what NETWORKING is really all about and for.

    As the saying goes, the Circle of life comes around and around.

    The question then is: Do you want to be a part of the circle or be on your own, outside of it?

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  2. Hey Randy,

    There is a commandment”: Love your neighbor”.When you help
    someone else to get his need,you will receive much more what you need.

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