Determination Not Destiny

There is no destiny in Network Marketing.  We have the only real “pure play,” in the sense you will earn exactly what you’re worth, based on the value you create.

That’s why Network Marketing is the business most aligned with the principles of prosperity.  In other businesses, some people may succeed by destiny, luck or chance.  But in our business, people succeed because they are determined to.

So how determined are you?




11 thoughts on “Determination Not Destiny

  1. Hi Randy,

    Determination is key.

    When you get at it each day, you get it. Persist. Persist. Persist. Each success has a story of dogged persistence behind it.

    The amazing thing about the networking game is that you eventually learn all you need to learn to become successful by simply persisting. Sure you need a goal in mind, but if you simply keep at it you will attract all the good, prospering ideas which help you succeed.

    Add value, receive value. Share value, become valuable. People who name their price and get it simply offered immense value over a sustained period. No magic there. Just tons of content creation and long, hard hours spent working a labor of love.

    Thanks for sharing RG!


  2. Luck plays a role in everone’s success regardless of the business model. Any honest, successful person will admit that luck played a role along with their hard work.

  3. Skills are a must. None of those non-sense:You get 5,he gets 5 all the way into geometric projection that Network Marketers love to show.

  4. People measure and define success in many different ways. Would you like to live your life differently than you are right now? Success is a journey, it not something you could achieve over night.

    When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts. If you want to be the best at your profession, at first you need to get educated. Also believe and trust the system and put your efforts and work harder than anyone else. Sure, skills, talent, and intelligence play a part in your success.

    There is no success without commitment.
    Thank you for sharing RG.
    Suhaib – Dubai-UAE

  5. I am more determined than ever before. Willing to do all that it takes to live the “rock star” lifestyle someone like you already lives

  6. I agree totally with you. Determination is a very vital key to success.without a will, there is no way. if you are determined , you will get the right skill and kowledge that will keep you flying. I am challenged.

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