The Evils of Over Training

I’ve been a professional speaker for 20 years plus now.  Been training in our profession for more than 25.  Voted the #1 trainer more than a few times.  So listen when I tell you this…

Training is evil.

Or can be, when you over train.  Over training leads to complexity and complexity always leads to reduced duplication.

It starts with the best of intentions.  You want to nail things down, make them airtight, and cover all the bases.  But anything complex enough to cover every scenario is going to kill replication, because it gets away from the basic premise underlying all duplication.  The formula, if you will:

Get a large group of people to perform a few simple actions, for a sustained time.

The further you get away from this formula, the less duplicable results you’ll see down the group. Here’s what you have to watch out for…

Sales trainers who want to come in and teach a bunch of closing techniques to your team.   This is not a sales business; it’s a teaching and training one.

Delving too deep into the personality types.  Lost of systems on these: Carlson, colors, animals, or character traits.  Absolutely the profiles have validity.  But if your beginning people are trying to learn this and quantify prospects – many will die early.

NLP practitioners who want to train your team on neuro-linguistic programming.  NLP is an amazing technology that can help people with fears and phobias.  But when you start to prostitute it to manipulate people to do things against their will – you’re crossing an ethical line and killing duplication at the same time.

Creating manuals of scripts for every occasion.  Can you say “overkill” boys and girls?  If you have one script for people who work for you, another for people you work for, one for in-laws and one for outlaws, one for young people and one for old – the only people who sponsor on your team will be the salespeople.  And salespeople don’t duplicate.

There can be a place for training in these four areas.  (Although personally I’m against the NLP training.)  But take any of them too far and you become the hardest-working, lowest-paid grinder in your company.  I know – I was that guy for years.

What we’re really talking about here is the difference between selling tactics versus creating culture in your team.   The grinders has 3-ring binders filled with potential scripts, closes, and tactics.  The Rock Stars in the professional create culture that guides people how to respond in any situation.  If you learn nothing else, let me teach you your new mantra…

Grinders Fill Binders – Rock Stars Drive Bonus Cars.

If You don’t have my How to Become an MLM Rock Star training album, make it your personal holiday present to yourself.  Today.

Keep it simple. Stay true to the formula.  And enjoy real duplication.   And that’s how to have a rockin’ 2012!

You in?

– RG

30 thoughts on “The Evils of Over Training

  1. Thank’s Randy!
    Made a document of this one on my computer. You’re right. Keep it simple.
    Get a large group of people to perform a few simple actions, for a sustained time. Love that one.

  2. Simply awesome Randy. I tell people they need only 1 script and to share that across the team.

    I think most newbies get petrified when we hand them this massive training manual.

    Let’s just keep it simple and the team grows faster.

    Thanks once again Randy.

    My business exploded when I got duplication nation as a Christmas present for myself 5 years ago so I’ll definitely go for this as well.

  3. never a truer word said – there is so much training for training’s sake that it kills a lot of people, it almost killed me for two years.

  4. Greetings,

    Well said Randy.

    Keep It Simple Sam = Duplication for team growth.

    All the other stuff can certainly help one grow for personal growth and development but it used to become a better you, not a better recruiter.

    Follow Up

    You can say all the “right things” to the wrong person and it will not matter. Their out.

    You can say all the “wrong things” to the right person and it will not matter. Their in.

    No need to close……

    Hope you all have a Blessed Christmas.

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  5. Hi Randy, thanks and will be ordering…. I have received so much training in the past that it is coming out of my ears….. maybe I need to improve in my people skills.

  6. I’m in Gage! I’m gonna file this in my training manual in chapter 34 section 7 page 319 sub section 41. This will surely be the magic bullet that will get me that private jet;)

  7. Love it! I learned that the hard way in my old company. Seemed everyone thought they could never be me because I knew too much.

    Now I work hard on just working with the basics and keeping it simple. Thankfully my company now has a very simple funnel system which anyone can follow!

    Your reminders help me stay on track.

  8. Randy:

    The most important question to answer before any training is:”Do I deserved to be succesful wheather is making an extra $1,000 a month of $150,000 a month?
    Because we have conditioned for lack,scarcity and to follow rules since we were 2 years old. Of course socialization is necessary but not the extent that we need to have a job.

  9. One of my favorite Randy Gage quotes is “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person!” In the course of be perfectly trained you can say the right thing to the wrong person and have to pay for that a long long time.

    Better a sloppy success than perfect mediocrity. Go out and do something. One two things happens. It was a success of some kind or a learning experience of another.

    Thank you Randy.

  10. You nailed it well Randy! Just like anything, working out, eating, dieting, reading, even drinking water. It can be over done……

  11. Awesome post! As I am building a system for my team (since none available from the company and sponsorship lines locally), your training has been invaluable. This is a great reminder of key things to keep in mind as I structure the training and developing a culture within my team.

    Have an awesome 2012!

  12. Great reminder! A simple script adapted to fit your own style of conversation and the reason WHY you thought of/and are calling your prospect and then follow what the company has laid out!

    Simple works!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  13. I loved the part about “Grinders Fill Binders — Rockstars Drive Bonus Cars!” I won’t forget that soundbite.

    But darn it, Randy! I wish you had told us this before I bought that bargain Book of Scripts ten days ago! Seriously, I think scripts as guidelines for conversation have a useful purpose.

    Good points to live by! Thanks!

  14. I find it very interesting that I should come across this. While in the military I often question why was there mountains of duplicated details manuals and written regulations for each duty sections and no matter how smart you were, you were never going to complete and retain all the information therein. The share numbers and complexity of the written material easily overwhelmed all who attempted to master a particular section and so knowing the fundamentals and knowing how to find what you needed was acceptable productivity. Despite the availability of all the intricate details, I must say that simple hands on training or on the job training rendered the best result for most of my troops.

  15. I agree with your comments, Randy.

    Plus, “over-training” can lead the new distributors to believe they are working their business simply by attending the training sessions.

    Many jobs work like this: practice, recalculate, study, more practice, more calculations, and finally ‘perform’. (emphasis on ‘making sure I’m right before I stick my neck out’)

    Network marketing works more like this: practice, present, evaluate, present, present, study, present, present, present. (emphasis on learning-while-doing-it)

  16. This totally caught my attention because it is something that i say over and over again.

    Duplicate the system, not the person. We have simple documents and are very clear how we teach our new people so they feel comfortable teaching it. It’s the same system over and over again and then people can design their home-buisness however they feel good about.

    I am an Master NLP practitioner and a nutritionist but this has nothing to do with how well i do my mlm business, mlm has taught me how to not talk about those credentials- which hasn’t been easy – and stick to teaching the duplicatable systems.

    Also- i am all for creating a community of like-minded people who also like to have fun. So the people that i prospect, and then build a relationship with– must have qualities of leaders and at the same time like to have fun. I also would never talk with anyone I would feel good about inviting to my dinner table.

    What I do know though is, that ALL of the questions and conversations that we use in our simple system is very much rooted in NLP but it’s not important that people know it. NLP is a branch of behavioural psychology and is incredibly powerful. I took the courses for personal reasons and broke through on some issues that were turning my life upside down. I am very grateful- please don’t knock NLP – I understand it may not be for everyone – but it’s a healing tool that can save lives, as it did mine. If you feel called to study NLP, by all means do. I would take my team / business associates to an NLP training in a heartbeat – but it would be for them and not for how to learn how to use it. that took me 2 years and a lot of practise — not duplicable. Like someone else above said, great for personal development.

    Some good questions to help people dream a little

    “If you could wave a magic wand…”
    “How will your life be different when you achieve…”
    “When you see the results, who do see yourself as… (referral, sharing with friends & family, or building a weekly income so you can spend more time at home with your family, designing your own business hours) – this totally let’s them off the hook! If they know they can try out your products and all you want is a referral if it works- then there is no pressure. (If they say they want to hide out and not talk to anyone – I may not move forward as this really isn’t a good sign). Also, when we are up-front about what is going then we we ask them for referrals later, or ask them to find 10 people to call- they aren’t like “what the”?

    NLP is simply about building rapport, pacing and leading. So asking questions (building rapport, finding commonality – building rapport, then pacing- “if i could show you a way that you could (buy a new fridge for your family)… – is pacing, and then leading which is obvious but takes a lot of practise and commitment.

    And whomever it was above that said it’s not about closing, is probably spending way too much time on the phone and not going anywhere fast, of course that is just a guess …… if I am not willing to trial close (are you in a position to start today?) – the business relationship can’t even begin.

    Great post – it’s so true – over training is a killer!

    I love being a professional mlm’er. It has given me freedoms I never knew i could achieve and now my dream is huge.

    Thank you.

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