What Matters Most…

So you don’t know a lot of people.  Don’t have connections.  Don’t come from the right side of the tracks.  Don’t have a lot of money or time, or both.  Don’t have the right education…

Welcome to the real world!

So what?  That stuff doesn’t really matter.  You want to know what really matters?

How big your dream is.  How much you’re willing to learn.  How hard you’re willing to work.  And who you’re willing to become…

Ain’t it great!


17 thoughts on “What Matters Most…

  1. Randy, how true! I will continue to work aa long as my faculties are working and build my dream. Thanks vm for a great post. I hear Syd is rainy although officially Summer and hv a blessed time!

  2. Wow… You know Randy, even though your posts are generally very short they tend to resonate with me more than anything that I have read anywhere else.

    This particular post especially. This is the way that I have felt many times when I get frustrated about the business. I just have to remind myself of how big my dream really is!


  3. Hey Randy,

    A lot of businesses began from scrach,almosr nothing at all, no connections,no
    capital, equity. Their prosperity achieved by persistence, diligence,focus on the
    way to get the goal,giving thought for to be successful and so on.
    When someone is on his right way,connections and revenue will be create and
    grow as time goes by.”“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time”
    French Philosopher & Writer

  4. Hi Randy,

    I got it well.

    You know that little chiken inside me; he is responsible for the fears and the doubts and the waiting. But when I remember quantum physics and the notion that energy is the ultimate resource, I can but step up and hustle.

    Thanks a lot for today’s lesson.

  5. Dream, struggle, struggle, struggle, victory. Most people want to simply dream and have victory. You must be willing to go through the adversity to become the person worthy of victory.

  6. Hi Randy,
    Thanks for all your posts for the last three years,help a lot.
    have a wonderful Cristmas and a very happy New Year!!!

  7. Good Day!!!

    i learn every single words,from your post im a a new blood net-worker here in Philippine.

    ” Visualize this thing you want. see it, feel it, believe in it. make your mental blueprint and Begin.”

  8. You know, sometimes I forget when I think I am the only one struggling. My business is as big as I want it to be. My leader says, “You would be punching a clock for someone else,” Today I am going to punch my clock for me!!!

  9. Reading your comment it just dawned on me that both times I have started really successful businesses I had just returned from lengthy overseas assignments and didn’t know a soul, plus I had a language barrier in one. Belief and Committment ! Right on the money! Randy !

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