Secret Message

If I spoke to you about the private, invitation-only event on platform skills for MLM, please know I have to close off the group this week when three more slots fill.

If I didn’t, please disregard this message. And don’t ask me what it’s about, because if I told you, I’d have to kill you!

19 thoughts on “Secret Message

  1. Randy,

    Your previous post was correct about MLMs not teaching about duplication. However, the video you displayed in support of the post had NOTHING to do with duplication.

  2. Been copying your crazy style of passing information lately. I’ve just finished typing a soon-to-be-printed marketing leaflet which I titled “ARE YOU CRAZY? … I want to believe you’re not.” The title is meant to capture people’s attention. I then go on to make people see reasons why they need to start a part-time home-based biz/have multiple streams of income and why I think having a single stream of income (from a job) is a crazy thing to do in these days of job insecurity. This leaflet is part of the system I’m developing for my team. What’s your opinion on the title and the sub-title, Randy? Will it attract the desired attention or will it turn people off? I’ll welcome the opinion of other readers of this blog too.

  3. Let’s try together not having misunderstood concept, confusion & destruction in
    Networking Business all over the globe and having the right business ownerships
    for all ! Winners never quit !

  4. Hi Randy
    Theres a place on the map called Africa – currently the fastest growing networking market, cradle of mankind (where you also find Uganda, my country & home of the world’s only surviving 600 mountain gorillas). Please consider an Africa speaking event – even if you do it as your own CSR!

    Kampala, uganda.

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