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Want to know what the biggest mistake I see companies make?  The people they hire to speak at their conventions…

Unfortunately most corporate executives don’t really understand the business.  So they bring in sales trainers to teach closing techniques, or NLP practitioners to teach manipulation ones.  They lose sight of the single most important objective:


I was thinking about this because I just finished the editing for my new speaker demo video.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.  And if your company isn’t giving you the right training, let them know who to bring in!  🙂


13 thoughts on “Training Right

  1. Randy,
    Great message .. belief is crucial in any business. I have the belief and have done for the last 10 going on 11 years. Still tired of the rat race in network marketing .. because often it comes down to the check that you don’t have to show in your home business and not finding the right people who have the desire and belief in themselves. Last year in my CDM I made a little of $2300/for the year.

    I am out of money to spend on leads .. and the people I talk with .. don’t have the money or belief .. fishing in the wrong pond ..

    PLEASE do NOT share this message with anyone .. I hate admitting failure in my business where I am not making money .. company .. is great .. I believe in the products and the residual income .. tired of doing the work for someone else when no one else matches my efforts .. including my ‘support team’ ..

  2. Randy, unfortunately many company training events have become lame excuses to shout out “we are running an event!.” The training is ineffective, there isn’t any recognition and nobody walks away inspired to do anything prior to the next event.
    I believe events done right are the only true ‘shortcut’ you may ever find in this business. Events are a way to magnify your message to your team by having them all listen at once rather than separately, spread by one team member to another. Events should inspire your team and teach them enough to have your team member ready to go for the next level.
    Events should focus on three major criteria: Teach, Inspire, Recognize.
    Teach the basics on prospecting, following the system, effective product use.
    Inspire the attendees with success stories and testimonials.
    Recognize those who have achieved. Add in a great dose of fun and a great social aspect and you have an event your team members will rave about.
    Oh, and the video is awesome Randy, great job!

  3. Events are more than training. They are about connection to a common mission. they are about re-enrolling ourselves and our team mates to a higher and collective vision. And they are about creating and sustaining momentum. Yes, I do agree that training is important and duplication is essential in the overall plan of having financial success – BUT – having the opportunity to break bread together, let your hair down and be who you are, is equally important in building a strong “family” of support. Above all of that, conventions are for recognition. And they are to bring you up to speed as to new products and services, refined methods of operation, provide inspiration and motivation. Substance is the key. Integrity trumps everything else. This is an event driven business – get your team their, come hell or high water and the rest is easy.

  4. Randy, Well done! I remember I mentioned many moons ago that you definitely have speaking and writing gift….I enjoyed the video so much,… Thanks..

  5. Hey Randy

    Believe in believe,and believe in ourselves is the first thing which we need to get
    for to come on the path which bring us to suuccess in anythig in life and business.We don’t need to use manipulation on people, like this method in NLP.
    To get more leads and prospects we need to know how to do marketing, and how to teach those new recruitedes to duplicate the system.

  6. Hey, that was a great video….and by the way, I have a co. that is better than the one that is better than the one that is better than the one that is better than Amway, lol! If you and your roommate are game, call me, lol!

  7. Excellent..great video…laughing out loud during the rendition of your various MLM sounds so the audience easily attested to. I surely did & so great to laugh about it especially when one is putting in the time & effort so one thinks…very thoughtful and inspirational too.. Personally I am a believer & I know that “I’m going to make it”, applies to me on so many levels. When you know, you just know. I would recommend you in a heartbeat…fortunately for us we were recently blessed with one of the greats. Although….

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