Lots of People are Broke

So here’s what this week has looked like for me…

Stayed up to 2 am one day, to do a Skype presentation for my Latvian team.  Got up at 8 am one day to do a Skype presentation for my Asian team.  Have a “close the month out strong” call for the whole team at 10 pm tonight.  Planning the program for our next major event in February.  Scripting out a new weekly broadcast we’re going to start next week.  Talking strategy for 2012 with leaders.  Checking in with some personal enrollees, to help them close the year strong.  And following up with prospects still on the fence – to see who I can get started before January 1.

Lots of people say you can’t get anything done during the holidays…  Lots of people are broke…

Somebody give me an Amen!



54 thoughts on “Lots of People are Broke


    Way to show us how it’s done. Thanks for continuously taking out our excuses. I have a new mantra “But…Randy did it”

  2. Hi RG,

    What’s a calendar? 🙂

    Dates have nothing to do with what I do. Worked till 3 AM on Christmas morning. Each day is similar. Work/play throughout the day, tour beautiful Chiang Mai, or wherever I am travelling at the time, when I want to, and rinse, wash, repeat.

    When hungry you lose track of time. Forget about the holidays. Might make a party or 2 but your purpose is stronger than holidays, or get togethers, or any of that stuff.

    You make time to do stuff which grows your network marketing team or you don’t. You make time to make the calls, and do the follow ups, or you don’t. Doesn’t matter if it’s December 25, or 28, or New Year’s.

    The only time I pull back is when using the phone. No calls on Christmas because I respect that most people don’t have the drive that we do. Of course, I would love to be called on Christmas, and I enjoy fielding the calls…I see who the driven future millionaires and billionaires are. Makes me happy 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your insight Randy.


  3. Yes Randy her is my AMEN :-).
    You are a model for me, you show and life your Leadship, life your live and allows us to have part. Thank you for 2011 and you and us a good start in 2012,

  4. Love how we can do business globally from home with skype! I had an amazing month this December and I think it’s because so many people just sit back and leave it to those of us who are still on the field ready to play!

    Happy 2012 Randy and all of you in this wonderful community.

  5. We appreciated your staying up to 2 am, your Latvian team is worth it. Presentation was excellent, thank you’!
    And… AMEN, of course.

  6. Well said Randy! I could not agree more!
    For many people, Christmas is a time for eating fat food, gaining a kilo or two and relaxing all day long. They will all probably be more tired after their holiday then they where before ;o)

    Happy New year to you! Most the new year bring you a lot of joy and prosperity!

  7. Those driven to succeed will do what others….don’t. What better way to start out the NEW YEAR by ending this one succeeding and doing what needs to be done. The year isn’t over yet there are still goals to be met and records to be made. Best time to find others who have the same need, same drive and are willing to work while others are slowing down.

  8. Thanks RG,
    here in Italy it’s 11.30 pm, 1 day to go to the end of the year, the last five days have been the best of the last for months, we sponsored top quality people!!! Will be Director by tomorrow night!


  9. Randy, thank you for being so energetic and inspiring. Eric is also inspiring to me through his videos and blogs. I have learned a great deal about MLM from the two of you for about 3 years. Hope comes from being open to learning in every opportunity. Again, thanks Randy for showing me how to be successful. Long ago I was full of zeal and energy; whereas today I put my energy into surviving. In 1999 my doctors told me I was dying and my eye doctor told me I would be blind before I turn 60. I still can see and I am still alive using the energy I have to make changes in world paradigms. I must use my energy wisely and realize that I make little sense sometimes. Thanks to you and Eric I have seen the joy of living that both of you feel. I wish you every success. I think cross recruiting is a poor way of doing business.
    I believe you and Eric are in the same MLM. I met him first online so if I were to join an MLM it would be with him.

  10. Thanks so much Randy. You gave showed me how to pass on the much needed wake up call to my team. In essence, holidays will always come again but time lost in this business is never recouped. With success attained everyday can be a holiday….

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