Right Now

Hey, just checking in.  It’s now February 6th, 7th for a lot of you.  How’d your January go?  Did you follow through on your resolutions?  What’s the first quarter looking like for you?

There’s still time…

You can still have a great quarter and a great year, even if January was less than spectacular.  But not if you let February slide away.

Want to make it hot?  Pick up the phone right now and call five prospects and invite them to something!

You in?


34 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. sir ….i am not allright …………their is no point in dreaming big when i dont have money …………my dad’s health is deteriorating day by day ………..god knows what to do ?? can anyone help me?

    1. Dear Arunima,
      You can help yourself! And you don’t need a lot of money.
      Your feelings are reflecting your thoughts. The more you think of your situation the worse you feel.
      Do this: Try to just take five minutes and work HARD to think of something nice, just a walk with your dad, a happy memory or a nice talk with a friend. If it’s hard: speak it out loud! Put a smile on your face and push away your feelings of hopelessness.
      Do this for just five minutes and then notice how you feel. If you have really put the negative thoughts away and replaced them with some positive thinking, you will feel better!
      Do this exercise more and more often and you will learn how to keep the energy and you will feel better and better. And when you feel good you can do good. You can start your business and talk to people.

      You see, the big dreams doesn’t make you successful, they just give you the energy and power to do something to reach your dreams.

      I wish you all good!

    2. Arunima, On a personal note my heart goes out to you…
      Regarding everything else, The wind blows on us all and WE are responsible for setting the sail. Your choice to rely on god leaves you at best a victim. God knows those that take action, make changes, get different results. I;m guessing your less then thrilled with your current results. Chang and do it passionately…translation dream BIG and start now! GtodSpeed!

  2. YES our business is booming and I am staying on track. In December I got all my leaders to commit to using prospecting CDs. I recorded a CD with myself and one of my lady leaders on it and the time is on fire. I have people that have been in my business for over 3 years and have probable talked to 20 people in the last 3 years. Now they have prospected with a CD 15 in Jan. Now to work on getting everyone to follow up. LOL But the team is fired up and new team members are joining every day. 2012 will be the year of change for many on our team.

    Thanks for all you do Randy.


  3. ;Randy, yes, am in. Received your ‘Midas Mentality Package this late evening .

    Just finished wathcing your 2 videos on ‘Live a Life of Abdundance’ (Claiming the Prosperity that is Your Birthright).

    Enjoyed them thoroughly which means that I understood for the most part and will follow through with your instructions re the other email. I must be honest but I am not much a ‘homework’ person (practical ok but theory ?) . So happy with what I ordered and thanks vm…

  4. Lena, Great word for Arunima. Arunima, these words are good to follow. We all have blocks, I chose to look at them as stepping stones.

    Thank you Randy, and others.

  5. I am in, and thanks a lot for your lessons, advices and supporting. I see that call to people is my weekness and only this activity gives me the real result. Love to all.It’s 11-30 pm here in Moscow

  6. Thanks Randy for the vote of confidence and the reminder…. I would love to elaborate but I have about five more telephone calls to make! B] See ya @The Finish Line!

  7. I’m definitely IN & Just in time Randy. I was also just thinking about the January that I had which was nothing to shout about. Will make this February really count no matter what. Thanks again Randy. You’re the man!

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