Secret from on High

I don’t particularly care to do cardio.  But I do it every day.  Why?  Because although I don’t like doing cardio, I hate being out of shape even worse. 

Let me tell you a secret…

I don’t particularly care to prospect either.  But I still do it.  Why?  Because while I don’t like prospecting, I hate being broke even worse.

Is there a lesson here for you?


21 thoughts on “Secret from on High

  1. I guess we need to decide on which is the lesser devil and dicipline ourselves to do what is necessary. But I guess if we go out with the mind to be a blessing to people, rather than thinking we are trying to make sales and get people to buy our products maybe prospecting would become a much more enjoyable activity.

  2. Randy, I’m not a big fan of cardio as well. I love pizza, fried chicken, fried catfish and those big, thick, cheesy burgers with mountains of natural cut fries and onion rings. But everyone who knows me is well aware of my total disdain for being down, out of rotation, due to illness– especially one that could have been averted. Therfore I’m a stickler when it comes to exercise and diet and caring for my health. I’ve also grumbled on occassion when comes time to perform my “three S’s”: s#%t, shower, shave, as well as brushing my teeth, and even clipping my nails. but I do everyday, anyway. Your point is well taken, Randy. Get’r Done!

  3. Yes, it is clear.
    I like prospecting, I love it.
    I do not like follow-up. So my goal this month is to systematize follow-up forever.

  4. For me it is not cardio but homework. Actually it is not so bad because I know the returns will be worth it. Someone mentioned that it takes character to do things you do not like and for a greater purpose!

  5. Exercise is never easy. But the hardest part is just getting to the gym. Once you are there and in the process it takes on a life of its own as to actually enjoying it. And there is great satisfaction and felling of accomplishment when you are done “for the day”. The more you work out the more you actually like it! The same goes for recruiting. Once you get going and get into action, get results, create some momentum it spurs you on to doing more. The law of physics comes into play with both – “A body at rest tends to stay at rest – a body in motion tends to stay in motion!”

  6. Thanks Randy,

    That was timely for me as i was just looking over my prospect list and feeling the resistance to call.

    I appreciate what you do.

  7. You have to do…. what you have to do…till what you have to do….
    you don’t have to do anymore!

    Do the things you don’t love now so you can
    do the things you do love later 🙂

  8. Hi RG,

    Ahhh..contrast. Luv it.

    I too am not a huge fan of prospecting. But here I am working the phones for an hour this morning, calling all new subscribers on my birthday. Not a big fan, but I like prospering, and living in Thailand, and going to Bali, and Phuket, and Laos, and being away from the States for the past 9 months….so yeah, I do it.

    You can be driven by preference. It’s OK to do stuff which doesn’t sing with you 1000% because if you let the ego call the shots, you are doomed. You sit in a comfort-zoned cocoon and stay dumb, sick and broke.

    Good stuff RG, thanks for sharing with us.


  9. Hey Randy,

    Successfull persones are willing to do even the things which others people avoid,because it’s to difficult and so on.Their willingness to do what ever it’s
    take for to success.

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