The Dream

We talk about dreaming a lot in this business.  Almost like it was a skill set.

Which, of course, it is.

Because if you don’t know how to crystalize your dream, keep it in front of you, and replace it with a bigger one once you attain it – you fall into mediocrity.

So here’s the question for you…

If you were charged with being a dreamer – would there be enough evidence to convict you?

– RG

13 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. That is so funny. I get more comments about my focus on my dream. I have my goals and dreams all over, my car, my office, my computer they are everywhere. I have 4 boys ages 16,17,18 and 24 they all build there own dream board and started about age 6 or so. I our family everyone knows you can’t hit a target you can not see.

    I took a few of my leaders on a privet jet as a reword. We took a trip to So. Cal. for the weekend. After I got home I was telling my boys about the trip. I took them to my dream board to show them what a privet jet looks like and there in the middle of my dream board was the exact same plane that I was on the only difference was the tail numbers. IT was the exact match. I have story after story about things on my dream board that have come true exactly as it is on the board.

    Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

    Bless you all.


  2. Hey Randy’

    I have a picture,photo,of my dream,not only in my mind,
    but something like the real thing which i want to get in the reality.

  3. Randy, I really like your Midas Mentality Programme. Very sure there will be transformation in my life with old wrong limiting programme uprooted. I surprised myself for being able to do the homework! I guess the Lord knows what I need and directed me to RG. Bless your kind soul..

  4. Randy,

    I live the life of dreams I held only a few years ago. Most people call it luck or a dozen other attributes but never want to hear it had anything to do with my dreams. The few who know the dream of 20, 10 and even 5 years ago… are waiting for something or Someone to send them a note on what they should dream… and still live lives satisfied but sad and waiting for Obama or some gov to take care of them. Perhaps some need a ‘dream board’ and a multi-tasking mac to organize the dream in cyber space. I have a 3×5 card with my two top dreams written on one side. I look at often over the day and when I am out and about I put the card my pocket where I will inadvertently pull it out with something else a half dozen times or so… it’s either with the keys, the billfold, cell phone… something I have to grab that touches or pulls out the card too. On the other side of the dream card is ‘seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given, knock and the door will open.’ No greater authority for how to dream your life come true!


    PS Thank you for being on point and leading the way, it is not easy being number one.

  5. I’ve been dreaming the big dream since I was 2 …. 🙂

    Got my dream board up and look at daily and update
    it periodically. When I reach something I upgrade it
    with something bigger.

    Most of my friends think I’m crazy I guess – A Day Dreamer, lol

    Great post Randy

  6. I attended a workshop last December with Richard Brooke. It was amazing vision work! It’s a must for everyone who wishes to live to his/her full potential!!
    For all of us who were not born natural leaders, we can truly become what we want to be by practicing the art of dreaming!

  7. Hmm, thanks Vince for sharing this. I recall putting up a dream board once but somehow I just slacked because I wasn’t too sure if it worked, or indeed if it was the right thing to do. I’m going to review that!

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