The Power of Belief

Beliefs are a funny thing.  If you believe them, they’re true.  If you don’t believe them, they’re not. 

Funny, isn’t that?

Let me give you an example.  My company changed the commission of the activation order.  We wanted to lower the amount of products a new distributor gets because it was affecting the number of people who registered for autoship.

Some of the old timers got hysterical and predicted the end of the world.  And that’s exactly what happened.  Their enrollments dried up overnight.

Other people like me saw the change as a positive one.  We continued to bring in new people.  Those new people just assumed that the way things are, are the way they should be.

The old timers with their limiting beliefs still have them.  But meanwhile, we just had the best November we’ve ever had.

So what’s the lesson for you?


14 thoughts on “The Power of Belief

  1. Greetings Randy,

    When you live in the past you will never have a bright future.

    The present is what matters most to old or new……. because the present is the only thing new people know and new people are what this business is all about.

    While we can certainly learn lessons from the past it is NOT where we are to live.

    Change is inevitable…. you get use to it and work with it, not against it.

    Hopefully the old timers will learn the lesson and grow up instead of go down.

    The above is what I teach, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :o)

    Like you mentioned – It’s ALL in what you believe.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  2. It took me awhile to take of the limits on my belief. We can all get hung up by the little things, because we see them bigger than they really are. It reminds me of the twelve spy’s that Moses sent into promise land. Ten saw themselves as grasshoppers. While the other two believed they could defeat any foe, because God was on their side.

  3. Your results are not a consequence of your circumstances, but a consequence to the way you respond to your circumstances. I think changes like these build character & leadership, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn experientially & grow while building my business. These situations reveal me to myself and then, I have choices to choose from – to grow, to go or to stagnate. I think it’s fascinating and I’m grateful!

  4. What you believe in shall come to light. Your belief is so very important. Without belief in something you will have nothing. Believing in the positive even when it looks negative will bring about the positive aspect of the situation.

    Same with, make a decision – don’t make a decision – either way you decided.

  5. Hey Randy,

    There are some people who afraid of every change,even from the goog change,
    because rhey have limiting beliefs.those people doesn’t dare go out of their comforte zone, because every change in theirs reality seems to them as the
    “the end of the world”.

  6. Over and above everything else Randy you are the master of the KISS – you always keep it short and simple. I have been in the network business for only one year but your insights are doing a world of good to my business. You are simply amazing.

  7. Dear Randy!
    I love to read your blog, but can you please explaine me one very funny point:
    you write here so much right things about “Do life” and building relationships, but at the same time your Russian-speaking distributors in Russian and Ukraine (and now also in Spain) use Skype-spam and e-mail spam as primary method of recruiting new people?
    And your personally sponsored people in Diamond Qualifications publicly promotes and strongly recommend that method? Why your company is not terminating these distributors? Why *you* can not stop it?

    with real respect,

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