Be the Leader

I hope by now you’ve read my Special Report on Leadership.  Law number one states that first person you lead is yourself.

You learn that you can’t command things, but you can command your own actions.  You can’t coerce others to do things, but you can shape and then master – your own will.

Want a strong, powerful, fast-growing team?  Model the behavior.

You up for that?


12 thoughts on “Be the Leader

  1. I’m definitely up for it and I’ve been taking massive action this last couple of weeks. I’ve got 70% of my team’s system ready and implementation has already begun despite the fact I’m still working on getting the remaining 30% ready. Thanks Randy for your excellent leadership as my Surrogate Upline. I’m working hard hard and smart to be the best I can be, then become an influential figure that others would want to follow.

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  3. John, I want to share something about your blog. I work with people with chronic illness and disabilities and for them to do anything that contributes to their well-being, it is important for them to realize where they are coming from. I teach them a technique that helps them connect to what I call a positive and negative self. Their negative self was created based on past conditioning, where there positive self is based on the wisdom of the body in the moment. Once you develop this and create a habit, a simple word or phrase can change your perspective. I feel the best thing to control is our self-image, for that determines how we interpret the challenges we face. On my website, , there is a technique (by my pic) that leads you to connect to your positive and negative self. This simple, 5 min. process can change your perspective and allow you to face challenges from the best part of you.

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