Why You Go

Last post we talked about why you tell your story at events.  Now let’s look at another issue:

Why you go.

You go because that’s your job.  That’s what successful people in the business do.

It doesn’t matter if the only prospect you had coming canceled.  The room needs your energy.  Your team needs to see you there.

Sometimes you need the meeting.  Sometimes the meeting needs you.

– RG

9 thoughts on “Why You Go

  1. Hey Randy,

    We continue to go even if have only one prospect coming,because when this
    prospect chose to come, he dedicated his time,give up another of his alternative
    in rhis time, and came,because you had invited him.Because of this
    the meeting needs you

  2. Randy,

    This business with meetings, events bundled in, is a marathon not a sprint.
    I kind of look forward to be there because I am afraid I’ll miss something important to my life or business. Sometimes, I need to prioritize as we are all living in this busy planet.

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