Face Down Fear

Lots of people ask me how to end fear.  Fear of prospecting, meeting people, making presentations, etc.  Forget it.  You don’t eliminate fear. 

You face it down.

The successful people in Network Marketing aren’t the ones with no fear.  It is the people who realize that their dreams are more important than their fears.   They feel fear, but move past it.

Be Brave.  Your dreams are worth that.

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here in the amazing United Sates of America.  I am most grateful this year for many things, and you guys are high on the list!

– RG

13 thoughts on “Face Down Fear

  1. Randy, Happy thanksgiving to you and may the good Lord grant you the desires of your heart.

    By the way I really like the videos of you at different events. So well done with impact.

  2. Hey Randy

    Eveyone feels fea from time to time.The courageous , hero is the
    one who doesn’t let his fear to setback him to fulfil his dream into reality.

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