The Truth

A few days ago, I was meeting with some of my Diamonds from Argentina and Mexico.  They were lamenting the tough economies there and the challenges of new people investing in the business. 

I reminded them of something that was going to take place today in the United States.  I told then at midnight, millions of people would be going into big box electronic stores, or camping out in the front of department stores.

It was actually much worse…

Some stores opened at ten pm last night.  There was a guy camping out in front of Best Buy two weeks ago!  At this very moment, I wouldn’t even drive within three miles of a shopping mall, for all the crazed shoppers who will be fighting over parking spaces.

Billions of dollars will be spent today on iPhones, iPads, video games, HD TVs, and various other smartphones, tablets, fishing gear, tacky embroidered pillows, Karaoke games,  and tools.

Mostly by people who say the economy is bad, they can’t afford to pay their bills and don’t have money to join your business…

But when they want something bad enough – they find the money.

So what’s the lesson for you???


24 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. If a person wants something bad enough, they will stand in the freezing cold, skip out on a house payment, miss a car payment and or even skimp on food in the pantry and go hungry to get it.

    We as network marketers have to find that pain or desire for them to want what we have just as bad as they want that income stealing gadget.

    I’ve done that exact thing myself <== guilty!!

        1. Asking the right questions will get find their pain.

          It’s not what you say, it’s how you ask the question?

          ie, “Are you sick and tired of staring at that outdated 1980’s TV that
          your grandma gave you?”

  2. Excellent point Randy. This is one of the things I’ve been pondering on for some time now. I guess the big question is “How do we make what we do compelling enough for people to act on?”

    Truth is most people are aware of their needs & desires. Funny things about us human beings is that we may know how to solve our own problems, have all the tools to do so but still not take the action.

    How do we get people not only to join us in business but to take action as well?

    1. You can spend countless hours trying to help them find their why that makes them cry or you can go sponsor someone that is hungry & let them watch you & your new recruit show them the way. Sometimes peer motivation is much more powerful than anything you can say or get them to do.

  3. Successful people have big libraries, people struggling economically have big TV’s. For all those people standing in line at the stores for special pricing on big TV’s, I wonder how big their library might be…

  4. If we desire something so badly, we will do all that is needed even to “bend the universe to our will” like you said in one of your prosperity posts. Norman Vincent Peale in his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” said “Life cannot deny itself to the person who gives life his all” and Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich that “There is one quality one must possess to win and that is definiteness of purpose — the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it.” So, if I want it badly enough I’ll surely find a way to achieve it. Thanks for the reminder Randy

  5. People are in need because they don’t know what they need.’if there is a will there is a way.Everything is Interest.Thanks

  6. The word of God says,in John 8:32,that the truth that you know,believe and put into practice will set us free.
    So the operative words are knowing the principles,understanding them fully and appreciate their significance and then put them to practice.

  7. That is so true but the psychology of people is to buy things for quick gratification such as a t.v and then all they need to do is plop in front of it and watch it … shopping for a biz is just the beginning of what many see as a lot of hard work!

  8. There is a lot of comfortable reasons to say NO!!!…But just (for me) one YES!!! Ann & David sad it very simply: “And, that’s the whole truth….Have a nice day Randy.

  9. Hey Randy,

    “Where there’s a will there’s a way” When a person really wants to do something, he will find a way of doing it,although the economy and any
    others conditions are bad.

  10. Like we say in spanish, jajaja…It’s incredible how many excuses have people…Statistics shows that when economy goes down, more and more people join MLM Industry…the easy excuse is no money, no time, no friends…When I heard that poor excuses I say: Happy Birthday! That excuse was born 90 years ago and you remember me…LOL

  11. Here’s an update from CNN: “Retail sales on Black Friday climbed 6.6% this year to an estimated $11.4 billion, according to ShopperTrak, which tracks foot traffic at malls and stores. Last year, sales climbed just 0.3% to $10.7 billion, which was a record one-day sales amount at the time, according to the company.”


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