Last post we talked about how you can change your pin rank by changing your list.   The bigger and better your candidate list becomes, the bigger and better your pin rank becomes.

It’s that simple.

Now how do you change your list?

Meeting people.  Which is a skill that anyone can develop.  Even me.  Even you.

I’ve always been shy and awkward at social conversation.  But when I’m in situations of shared experience – church, softball, a hot new movie, etc – then it’s a lot easier to speak to others.  And I don’t get too scripted or technical.  I usually nod and smile and say, “hey.”

That’s not that hard is it?


10 thoughts on “Hey!

  1. For me is easy to start contact or meet people, but this is superficial. Now I am learning how to build an unconditional friendship. My subconscious is sorting out very quickly – if a person comes to me in business, he/she could be my friend, if no, out of list. I realize that it is wrong attitude and I am training myself to look on people with human being eyes not with business eyes and in the same time don’t waist time with relations who doesn’t serve my growth.

    1. I like that!

      I also stopped looking at people as targets and it feels easier to build relationships this way that will lead to a business partnership.

      I guess we should just go out and make our agenda ‘meeting people and building relationships’. i often ask myself if i approached myself as me would i be willing to build a relationship with me? Some of the times NOT!

      But im improving, always learning from this blog. Hey!

  2. Hey Randy,
    In the Jewish Torah: there is a law: “Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD”, it’s mean like your citation:
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”is “The Golden Rule, of”the
    ethic of reciprocity.

  3. I love this of course (and the previous post), and we actually talked about a similar topic in a recent team meeting. We discussed the whole thing about how you are like the 5 people you spend the most time with, and your list and prospects would resemble that as well.

    But isn’t personal charisma, ability to gain trust from others, a bulletproof “what do you do for a living” answer, and unbridled enthusiasm even more important when you are venturing into new social circles?

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