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Hey, I have an interesting offer for you.  I want to give you a session of free coaching with me, worth $1,500.

So take a second and think about the first thing you would talk about.  What is the most important issue you want to discuss with me?  Take a minute and really think about it.  I’ll wait…

Got it?

Okay great.  I lied.  I’m not offering free coaching, but wanted to conduct an experiment.  Or more accurately, wanted you to conduct an experiment on yourself.

Here’s why…

There is an interesting pattern when I counsel or consult with people.  When I ask what is going on, how their group is doing, or how I can help them – the first thing they bring up is a negative.

Someone dropping out.  Some distributor who left, trying to steal their people.  A backorder, company mix-up, or negative publicity.

Their default answer is whatever they perceive to be their biggest challenge right now.  Which raises an interesting question…

Why don’t they bring up their hot new rising star?  The group that’s growing the fastest right now, or some other positive situation that they would like to accelerate upon?

So back to the really important question…

What was your first reaction?


19 thoughts on “Your Default Answer

  1. Randy, my question was: How does an older person who has had very limited success in life, either in Network Marketing or in business, develop the self-confidence to attract others? I believe in the industry, my company and products have an excellent reputation and track record in the industry, but am not able to attract people to join me. I’ve concluded that the problem is me, but I don’t know where to start to change it. And just telling myself that I’m a superstar and am rich doesn’t do it. Been there, done that.

  2. My first reaction was how do I have to change my thinking in order to create the success I’d like. Or phrased a different way, how do the people who are most success think differently than I do?

  3. I was approached as “they” could help me with my frustration, and to succeed with my business that I have problems.. HMMMM WHAT? Who said I needed your help? Who said I was frustrated? & frustrated with what? What are you offering again? Do you need help yourself? …LOL.. Then what exactly are you trying to sell? ….Sorry if I appeared to you as frustrated & failure, but you seem like you need my help in between both of us. Let me know if you need help. I’ll see what I can do. I love my position as being in an ultimate independent spot — I only need a laptop with internet connection, then I’m home free with the markets. ;))

  4. Randy, you got me going for a minute or two!! !! My mind started to spin like a “wheel of fortune”…

    But then a thought hit me; eighter this post is meant to be a wake up call to all of us reading your post, or you have run out of topics to write about 🙂 So you pull a “stunt” like this… Nice one!!!

    Ohhh, by the way I love to read your post and rants about life.

    Do take care and stay safe..

  5. I would ask something that network marketer rock stars – even you Randy- don’t want to talk about. For instance, how can a distributor build a successful business from building soley on the cold market. I’m talking about no existing warm market, just putting yourself out there and building a business. Don’t even think about coming back and saying something like everybody has a network. That’s the typical type of excuse everyone gives when asked this question. Well?

  6. What is the most important issue you want to discuss with me?

    Great question Randy. If everything was going right,then I would have asked you how do I continue building my business faster. Usually,It is the blind spots that I would have asked you questions:
    1)How do you keep unity in the group?
    2)Do you built leaders or find them? What test do you give someone to know if they are a leader in your organization.
    3)What type of organization do I need to have to able to NEVER work again?Let’s say making $5,000 per month. Let’s assume we are in the same compensation plan and same company.

    1. Dear Enrique,

      My name is Kazi Rashid, from Bangladesh. I would like to take the chance to answer your question on the basis of my experience (and Randy…hope you won’t mind & please do correct me with your valuable opinion/thoughts)….

      1. Have to develop yourself first to do this thing…by reading books (leadership, team building, attending seminars, etc). When you develop your leadership skill, people will follow you. Also, have to do team meetings every week.

      2. Leaders don’t born, they are made. Or we can say…everyone has the capability to lead, but only few utilize that talent. Those who will follow you, some of them will burn them & will be ready to lead…if you can give them the heat! If your vision is crystal clear, goals are measurable & tagged with their goals, if you can show the dreams….these rascals will be your LEADERS. You’ve to search them sifting & sorting basis.

      3. To build a rock solid residual income with an organization, you’ve to give the foundation first on SELF. By personal development, you’ll be able to develop an organization with a duplicable system. If you can duplicate yourself…your dreams about the people, if you can duplicate the purpose of your life (you can find it through personal development), and Zig Ziglar said, “If you help others to achieve their dreams….you’ll get everything in life.

      I appreciate you.

      KR (Kazi Rashid)

  7. Great Kazi, the best experience we can get is by our lectures and our personal developement!!! And you know what? It is justly what Randy encourage us to do from a long time (years and years) through its seminars and its numerous books. Many thanks Randy. (sorry for my poor english)

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