Everyone Can Win

I can still remember like it was yesterday.  It was 3 am, and I was sitting on the sofa watching infomercials.  The one with Tom Vu was on and he said, “You, you sitting there on the sofa.  It’s 3 am your wife’s asleep, your baby’s asleep.  Nobody cares about you.  You’re a loser!  If you don’t buy my program, you deserve to be broke!” Continue reading “Everyone Can Win”

Sponsor Your Weakness

Sean didn’t think much of my recent post on excuses. He felt I was being a bully.  That really wasn’t my intent.  But I do believe in tough love when the situation calls for it.   Continue reading “Sponsor Your Weakness”


The power of belief is one of the greatest forces on earth.  And it is belief that keeps people in our business.  What we must do is keep them in until they develop that belief.  And that includes you… Continue reading “Belief”

Good Excuses

There sure are a lot of good excuses out there for not growing your business.  And some of them are REALLY good… Continue reading “Good Excuses”

The Day You Get Free

So I’ve talked a lot about how at some point you need to get serious and work your business five nights a week.   Now of course no one is going to force you.  It’s your choice.  But here’s what you should know… Continue reading “The Day You Get Free”

The Power 50

Well I got quite a tribute last week. I cracked the top ten of “The Direct Selling Power 50,” a listing of the most influential people in the profession for 2010. Continue reading “The Power 50”

Celebrating the Victories

Last post we discussed the goal of getting free.  This is a follow up to that, and another article I suggest you get your whole team to read.  Another big part of getting free is celebrating the victories along the way.  This reminds us we’re making progress and helps us weather the inevitable challenges.   Continue reading “Celebrating the Victories”

Getting Free

One of the most important things we do in Network Marketing is helping people get free.  They break away from the bonds of office politics, nepotism, rush hour traffic, and someone controlling a very large percentage of their waking hours.   Continue reading “Getting Free”

What You Have to Lose

I remember the first time I saw the circles.  I joined on the spot.  And the real reason why? Continue reading “What You Have to Lose”

Living and Working with Intention

If you are life-centered in the present, yet possess a vision for the future, you can do almost anything. Your vision is your intention.  The key: Continue reading “Living and Working with Intention”

When You Really Know

All of us have defining moments in our careers and lives.  These are the moments that change everything that happen from that point on.  Here’s what I think is the defining moment in your network marketing career… Continue reading “When You Really Know”

The Size of Your Dream

Okay you’ve been told again and again you need to have a dream.  But how big does that dream have to be?  Here’s my take… Continue reading “The Size of Your Dream”

The Power of Association

“Every man has a tendency to take on the mannerisms, beliefs, mental attitude, political and economic viewpoint, as well as other traits of the more outspoken men with whom he associates in his daily work.” Continue reading “The Power of Association”

The Real Who is You

Thank you all for making my latest book, “Making the First Circle Work” an instant bestseller.  It’s out two weeks and already they’re going into the 2nd printing.  So why is that? Continue reading “The Real Who is You”

The Award You Don’t Want to Win

So it was the special black tie award program my company does for leaders each year.  There are five awards bestowed, based upon voting of the top field leaders.  Unfortunately, I was one of the top three vote getters in all five categories and won the award for Team Member of the Year. Continue reading “The Award You Don’t Want to Win”