Sponsor Your Weakness

Sean didn’t think much of my recent post on excuses. He felt I was being a bully.  That really wasn’t my intent.  But I do believe in tough love when the situation calls for it.  

The point I wanted to get across is that no matter what you believe is a valid excuse, there are others who have overcome that situation and succeeded.

Another way to look at it is this:

Whatever you perceive as your weakness, sponsor someone strong in that area and you’ll negate it!  Don’t have a car?  Sponsor someone with one.  Don’t have money?  Sponsor people with money?  Are you shy?  Sponsor someone outgoing.

Whatever your weakness is, you can make it go away by the team you build.  To achieve success in anything, look for the circumstances you want.  And if you don’t find them, create them.

You up for that?


23 thoughts on “Sponsor Your Weakness

  1. Very , very well put Randy.

    When I learned to employ this strategy my business really took off.

    The easiest way to do that is to attract those you want to you..into your business
    using automated , hands off systems
    Keep the great content coming Randy.

  2. My weakness is not knowing my weakness. I attempted to sponsor some family members and now I’m banned from weddings parties, and funerals.

    J/K…Sounds good Randy…will make a permanent note of this.

  3. Whatever your weakness is, you can make it go away by the team you build….

    We all have a weakness or two too. Meld the right group with a complete set of skills overlapping and nothing can get in your way.

  4. Right on time. i felt that this was made for me:-)) I was just talking about the belief in myself earlier and you just really put it all together with this one! Thanks Randy.

  5. Sean probably wouldn’t have thought that you’re a bully if there wasn’t some truth in what you said.

    Sometimes the ‘truth’ is the bully and we have to face the mirror and admit who we are, and who we aren’t.

    But instead of beating yourself up because of your weakness, you need to extend grace to yourself and simply work to build a team that leverages your strengths and fills in the gaps of your weaknesses.

  6. The trick is you have to have the proper posture & control & promote the team or someone upline that doesn’t have that weakness.

    If they know you have the weakness or are needy & don’t see how you can help them (unless they are a self starter looking for an opportunity) they’re looking for another sponsor.

    You can’t let the weakness shine thru.

    Thanks Randy!

  7. You spoke about this in detail at the Mastermind event and I thought it was a great idea. Thanks for sharing it here. Makes perfect sense. JL

  8. My hubby always says that the truth hurts just like alcohol but once the alcohol gets into the sore what does it do? You’re right-it heals! Thanks for this healing Randy!

  9. It is similar to starting a quartet to sing. You need all 4 parts for harmony. Just find the right people..practice, practice,practice…and everything goes pretty smooth.

  10. I always rally my downline leaders and promote them in the areas they are strong in. We all have different personality types, just last night on our team call I had one leader talk about nuts and bolts of a formulated goal sheet and another outgoing leader talk about how she booked her month out. So promoting within your team works! My upline leader has always taught me
    Together Everone Achieves More (TEAM).

  11. Hey Randy,

    nNobody is a perfect person in the all aspects of life/Everyone has some shortcomings,disadvantages, and need someone close to him to help
    him to complete corporate project.
    Every enterprenuer need to hire some outsources to help him build his business.
    Noone can be an expertize for everything.

  12. It’s always important to get perspective of your own situation, because our problems always seem like a mountain, until you put it against Mt Everest. And we all know that thousands of people have climbed Mt Everest.

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